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HOCK stream – now with a mobile App

The HOCK Stream Mobile App is here! We are happy to announce that HOCK stream subscribers can now watch and download CMA videos via the mobile App available for iOS and Android.  You can now watch videos offline and study on the go! Download HOCK stream App for iOS Download HOCK stream App for Android…
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HOCK stream – CMA video subscription platform

What is HOCK stream? We are thrilled to introduce a revolutionary CMA exam study tool – HOCK stream! HOCK stream is a subscription-based CMA video platform that includes all of the CMA Video content that HOCK has created. This includes the CMA teaching Videos by Brian Hock, the Step By Step Courses and Short Courses…
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CMA Part 2 Textbook Update January 2023

The CMA Part 2 Textbook has been updated, and the new files are available for current students to download in My Studies. The significant changes are listed below including page numbers in the new January 2023 book. Section B Added discussion Relationship Among Inflation, Interest Rates, and Prices of Financial Instruments, pages 136-137. Updated models…
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Resolution To Pass the Exam – Six Practical Tips

Many people made a resolution to pass a professional exam in 2023. There are plenty of articles on staying motivated and keeping up with your resolutions that recommend: Have a “Why” and keep the big picture in mind. Develop small habits and do a little bit every day. Practice self-care. Find an accountability partner. Forbes…
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Time to Become Certified – No Excuses

No Excuses! It is often difficult to start on ambitious goals. There is always a reason that we can find that allows us to postpone starting something big and meaningful. Exam certifications are one of those ambitious goals that you may be having trouble getting started. How long have you been thinking of becoming a…
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Effective Study Habits for Success on the CIA Exam

How to study for the CIA Exam Studying for the CIA exam is not an easy task (What is the CIA exam and who is it for?). If you are pursuing this certification, you are most likely a motivated internal audit professional with increasing professional responsibilities. You may be managing a growing team and playing…
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