Why are you studying for your exams?

We are thrilled to share an update on the HOCK Study Path Series, where over twenty fortunate applicants have recently begun their journey toward exam preparation. Brian Hock always emphasizes the importance of knowing your “WHY” when it comes to studying for exams. With this philosophy in mind, we asked our participants to share the motivations behind their pursuit of professional certification. The variety and depth of the responses we received were both inspiring and enlightening.

In a collection of video responses, our participants shared their personal motivations, ranging from career advancement to personal fulfillment. Each story provides a glimpse into the diverse goals and drives that bring our community together, reinforcing the idea that every journey is unique but equally significant. We invite you to watch these powerful testimonials, hoping they will motivate and encourage you in your own journey. Whether you are on the path to professional certification or considering taking that first step, remember that your WHY is the key to unlocking your full potential.

Welcoming Tyler Skelton to the HOCK Family

Welcoming Tyler Skelton to the HOCK Family (1)

We are excited to announce that Tyler Skelton has joined the HOCK family as the new US Business Development Director! Tyler brings over a decade of expertise in business growth, partnership development, and strategic program management.

Tyler’s expertise and dynamic approach to business development are set to propel our growth and expand our reach within the US market. Tyler’s appointment underscores our commitment to excellence and our dedication to developing and nurturing meaningful relationships and partnerships.

I am truly excited to join the HOCK family and embark on this journey to foster and expand our partnerships with US universities and organizations. My passion lies in nurturing existing connections and building new ones, with the ultimate goal of helping thousands of students across the US to benefit from HOCK’s exceptional study materials. It is an honor to play an important role in shaping the future of education and to contribute to the professional growth of the next generation of accounting professionals. Together, we will unlock new opportunities and achieve great success.” Tyler Skelton.

Please join us in warmly welcoming Tyler to the HOCK family. We look forward to the innovation and leadership he will bring to our business development efforts in the US!

Welcoming Ronak Baheti to the HOCK Family

Welcoming Ronak Baheti to the HOCK Family

We are excited to welcome Ronak Baheti, CMA as the new Business Relationship Director at HOCK international! With Ronak stepping into this role, we set to cultivate and deepen our business relationships, especially in the vibrant market of India.

Ronak joins us with a unique perspective, having been a US CMA student who benefited greatly from HOCK’s educational resources. Ronak is passionate about leveraging his insights and experiences to contribute to our growth in India.

In his own words, Ronak shares, “As a US CMA student, I had the opportunity to use Hock videos, which helped me immensely to clear my exams on the first attempt. I always liked the clarity Brian used to explain, keeping it simple for understanding. I am really honoured to join the HOCK family and help them grow the Indian market. Brian’s student-first approach is something that resonated with me, and I decided to join him on this journey!”

Ronak’s appointment as Business Relationship Director is a testament to our commitment to not just educating but also building strong, supportive relationships with our partners and the professional community in India.

Brian Hock: “Ronak brings to our team a unique blend of experience as both a student and a professional. His understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the Indian market, coupled with his passion for education and growth, makes him an ideal fit for leading our business relationships. I am confident that with Ronak’s leadership, we will continue to strengthen and expand our presence in India, providing unparalleled support to our students and partners.”

Please join us in warmly welcoming Ronak Baheti to the HOCK family. Here’s to the exciting journey ahead and the achievements we will accomplish together!

Learn more about the HOCK Partner Program and HOCK India

Exclusive EA Strategy Talk with Brian Hock and Timalyn Bowens

Brian Hock, CMA, CSCA, CIA, CRMA, has joined Timalyn Bowens, EA, for an insightful live session about the Enrolled Agent (EA) license – a prestigious designation awarded by the IRS to top-tier tax professionals.

Whether you are aspiring to become an Enrolled Agent or are already one and looking to sharpen your skills and knowledge in accounting practices, this session is for you.



HOCK Study Path Series

HOCK Study Path Series

HOCK international is excited to launch a unique opportunity for accounting and finance professionals preparing for certification exams in 2024. We seek dedicated individuals committed to their professional development journey and willing to share their experiences as part of a dynamic case study program: HOCK Study Path Series.

HOCK will provide selected participants free access to our complete study materials. This access is conditional on participants adhering to the program's rules, such as submitting weekly updates and engaging in monthly Zoom meetings. Non-compliance with these guidelines may result in the cancellation of access to these resources. Our goal is to foster a productive partnership where committed students receive essential support for their exam success.

Interested candidates who meet the following criteria should apply by January 31st, 2024.

The 2024 CMA Syllabus Change

the 2024 cma syllabus change

The CMA Learning Outcome Statements (the LOS, or exam syllabus) are changing for the September/October 2024 Exam Window. There are a lot of questions that candidates have about this change. We have answered the most common questions here.

For more detailed information about the changes, click here.

How big is the change?

The changes to the CMA to the LOS are very small. No significant topics are being added or deleted. The largest topic being added is connected to consolidated financial statements in Part 1 Section A. But, there is no requirement added to perform a consolidation. Candidates need to understand what consolidation is when it is required and what is done during a consolidation (the elimination of intracompany balances).

When does it take effect?

The new syllabus will be tested in the September/October Exam window. The January/February and the May/June Exam windows will test the syllabus that was established in 2020.

Will I have to retake an Exam that I have already passed?

No. If you pass Part 1 or Part 2 under the current syllabus, you will keep that credit for whatever time period you are able to keep the credit. The requirement that you must pass both Exams within 3 years of registering as a CMA candidate is still in place.

For example, if you registered as a candidate in November 2021 and passed Part 1 in January 2024, you need to pass Part 2 in the September/October window because you must pass both Exams within 3 years of registering as a CMA candidate. If you do not pass Part 2 in the September/October Exam window, you will need to re-register as a CMA candidate and pass Part 1 again.

What happens if I fail an Exam in the May/June Exam window?

If you take an Exam in the May/June window and fail, you will need to retake the exam under the 2024 syllabus in September/October (or later). The good news is that the changes are very small, and you will not need to study very much new content for your retake.

What should I do if I have not started studying yet?

If you are just starting to study as a CMA candidate, we recommend that you start studying with the 2020 syllabus. It is very possible that you will be able to prepare and take your Exam in the May/June Exam window. If, in a couple of months you realize that you will not be ready by the May/June window, you will just shift your studies to the 2024 syllabus for the September/October Exam window. Again, the changes to the syllabus are small, so this will not be an issue.

What should I do if I have already started studying for CMA?

If you are already studying, continue to study and work towards passing in the May/June Exam window. If you determine that will not be possible, you will simply shift to the September/October window.

What should I do if I pass Part 1 (or Part 2) in the January/February window?

If you pass Part 1 or Part 2 in the January/February Exam window, you will probably not be ready to take the Exam in May/June. If you want to try, there is no problem at all to start under the 2020 syllabus and then switch to the 2024 syllabus if you need to.

When will HOCK have new Materials?

Our CMA exam materials, accessible through 1, 3, and 6-month subscriptions, are undergoing a comprehensive update, including the addition of new content removing topics that will no longer be part of the exam. We anticipate the updated materials to be available in March 2024, and as all our resources are online, updates will be immediately accessible to subscribers. Find out more details about the HOCK CMA Exam Review Subscription.

FMAA – A New Certification And New Study Materials

FMAA - HOCK Study Materials

We are thrilled to announce the launch of HOCK’s study materials for the Financial and Managerial Accounting Associate (FMAATM) certification! This new foundational certification, introduced by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA®), is a critical step for early-career professionals in the accounting and finance sectors. It is designed to provide essential knowledge and skills, setting the stage for a successful and impactful career.


The FMAA certification is an excellent starting point for those new to accounting and finance. It’s crafted to demonstrate business knowledge and leave a strong impression on potential or existing employers. With no eligibility requirements, it offers a unique opportunity for a wide range of professionals to either begin their careers in this dynamic field, regardless of their educational or professional background, or to move up in their company by gaining needed accounting and finance skills.

Exam Overview

The FMAA exam covers five key areas:

  • General Accounting and Financial Management (25%)
  • Financial Statement Preparation and Analysis (25%)
  • Planning and Budgeting (20%)
  • Cost Management and Performance Metrics (20%)
  • Professional Ethics (10%)

This structure ensures a comprehensive grasp of critical accounting and finance concepts. The two-hour exam is offered through Prometric testing centers and consists of 80 multiple-choice questions.

Study with HOCK

Understanding the importance and intensity of the FMAA certification, HOCK has developed study materials to ensure you are well-prepared for the exam. Our materials include HOCK’s interactive learning system PassMap, a personalized study planner, textbook, test bank, and mock exam.

Learn More and Subscribe

Ready to start your FMAA journey? Learn more about the FMAA certification and our study materials. Don’t miss this opportunity to advance your career with the FMAA certification and HOCK’s expert resources. Sign up for our free trial today and take the first step towards your professional growth in accounting and finance.

Welcoming Srividhya Rajaram to the HOCK Family!

Welcoming Srividhya Rajaram to the HOCK Family

We are thrilled to announce that Srividhya Rajaram has joined HOCK international as the Country Head in India! With Srividhya (Sri) on board, we are set to deepen and expand our connections across India.

Sri brings with her over two decades of experience in the education sector. Her journey, characterized by perseverance, passion, and patience, aligns seamlessly with our mission at HOCK.

With Sri's guidance, we are looking forward to strengthening our existing connections in India and creating new ones. Her role is vital as we continue to expand the ways that we can support our students and partners in achieving their career and business goals.

Srividhya Rajaram: “I had the honor of meeting Mr. Brian Hock and learnt about his passion and dedication to the teaching and training profession for over two decades. That left me genuinely amazed as I belong to the family of teachers.  What struck me most was not only his vision for student success but also his remarkable commitment to going above and beyond to ensure each student reaches their full potential. Equally impressive is his deep respect for business partners, evident in his continuous efforts to create value by providing unwavering support. It's an honor to work with Mr. Hock, especially having the opportunity to contribute in achieving his vision, to serve the students and professional communities in India and to enrich and nourish our relationships with our partners in India.

Brian Hock: "Having met with Sri while I was in India, I know that she will build on our success in India and help us, our partners, and our candidates continue to grow in this dynamic market. She has the same values that I have and that we have as a company. I am looking forward to working with Sri as she leads our work in India.

Please join us in welcoming Sri to the HOCK family. We're excited for the journey ahead and the many successes we will achieve together!

HOCK Transforms CMA & CIA Study Materials with Revolutionary Subscription Model

CMA and CIA Subscriptions

We are excited to share that HOCK is taking a revolutionary step in CMA and CIA exam preparation by transitioning all of our CMA and CIA study materials to a subscription! The subscription model offers an affordable and flexible approach to helping more candidates worldwide pass the CMA and CIA exams.

Subscription Model & Price

All HOCK CMA and CIA Exam Reviews are now accessible through 1, 3, or 6-month subscriptions. Depending on the subscription length, prices range from $42 to $59 per month after our current 40% discount. 

Every subscription starts with a 7-day free trial, allowing you to experience our comprehensive materials, learning platform, and personal study plan for yourself. Once your subscription starts, you can cancel your subscription anytime. If you need to just take a break, your progress is saved and will be there when you resume your subscription.

Why Choose the Subscription Model

Subscriptions allow you to get what you need for exactly how long you need it. Why overspend for unlimited access when you only need it for a few months? With HOCK's subscription model, you get:

  • No big upfront payments 
  • Access to ALL materials and premium features 
  • Payment flexibility—only pay while you’re studying 
  • Freedom to cancel and  resume subscriptions at your convenience

With a HOCK subscription, you leverage world-class study materials at an affordable monthly cost, enhancing focus and efficiency in your study process and saving time and money.

Materials Included

The subscriptions include:

  • Materials for all exam Parts (CMA or CIA)
  • Online textbooks with highlighting and annotation
  • Videos by Brian Hock
  • Test banks with detailed answer explanations
  • Mock exams with unique questions not used elsewhere in the materials
  • PassMap™ that guides you through the exam syllabus, one topic at a time 
  • Personalized Study Planner to keep you on track for your exam date

A Leap into the Future

At HOCK, we believe in staying ahead of the curve and providing the best for our students. This move to a subscription model underlines our commitment to offering quality, accessibility, and affordability in learning.

Special Note for Existing HOCK students

For those who have purchased HOCK CMA or CIA study materials prior to this switch, everything will stay the same! You will continue to have uninterrupted access to your materials without any set expiration.

Happy Studying!

The HOCK Team

HOCK International and Quartic Partner to Elevate ESG Investing Exam Prep

HOCK and Quartic

We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership between HOCK international and Quartic! This partnership aims to create an exceptional learning experience for those seeking to earn the Certificate in ESG Investing from CFA Institute. This collaboration combines Quartic’s industry-leading ESG Investing study materials and HOCK’s revolutionary PassMap Learning Management System. 

What is the Certificate in ESG Investing?

The Certificate in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Investing is a specialized credential for finance professionals who want to integrate ESG considerations into their investment decision-making processes. As ESG factors continue to influence global markets and investment strategies, this certification is a unique differentiator and the industry standard for ESG investing. Whether you’re an investment analyst, portfolio manager, or sustainability expert, acquiring this certificate enables you to navigate the complexities of ESG criteria, making you a valuable asset to organizations committed to responsible investing (learn more about ESG Investing).

HOCK PassMap: Your Personalized Roadmap to Success

HOCK’s PassMap Learning Management System takes test preparation to the next level. PassMap adapts to your individual learning style and pace, guiding you through an efficient and effective study plan. With engaging videos, focused practice questions, and ongoing progress tracking, PassMap is your comprehensive tool for mastering complex exam material. It isn’t just a study guide; it’s your personalized roadmap to passing the exam.

Quartic: Unmatched ESG Study Materials

Quartic is renowned for its premium study materials built upon a solid foundation of educational excellence and industry expertise. Quartic offers a range of resources, including videos, practice questions, and mock exams that are both in-depth and easily digestible. Every piece of content is designed to simplify complex concepts, making them accessible to individuals at all levels of understanding. Quartic’s study materials not only prepare you for exams but also equip you with practical knowledge that’s directly applicable in a real-world context.

Together, HOCK international and Quartic aim to set a new standard in ESG Investing education. By merging Quartic’s world-class study materials with HOCK’s interactive PassMap system, we are creating an unmatched learning experience that promises to give you a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving field of ESG investing. 

Sign up for ESG Investing Free Trial

Sign up for the trial and get free access to all ESG study materials and PassMap for three days.

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