ESG Investing Exam Review

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Strategic Partnership: HOCK has collaborated with Quartic, a leader in investment-related training, to deliver a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

Intuitive Learning Design: Our ESG Certificate program is structured to make your educational journey enjoyable and the content easily digestible.

Comprehensive Syllabus: Covering the environmental, social, and governance issues that exist in the investing market, the syllabus covers a diverse but critical range of subjects through its nine sections.

Multi-Format Learning Tools: Benefit from the rich blend of Quartic's videos and practice questions that complement the manual from the CFA Institute to facilitate your deep understanding of the key issues.

Innovative Platform: Experience the power of PassMap, HOCK’s interactive learning system that revolutionizes how candidates prepare for the ESG exam.

Personalized Study Plan: PassMap allows you to effortlessly monitor your progress, identify areas for improvement, and fine-tune your study approach.

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Bonus Finance Essentials Course (background knowledge on asset valuation, portfolio theory, and financial analysis)
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Faculty - Dianne Ramdeen, MSC, FCCA, CFA, MCSI

Dianne is a highly accomplished Financial Training Instructor with a career spanning over two decades. Since 2003, she has been instrumental in designing and delivering tailored training programs that cater to clients in diverse sectors, including retail banking, investment banking, and corporate finance. Dianne's expertise extends to a wide spectrum of accountancy and finance programs, including prestigious qualifications such as CFA, ICAEW Corporate Finance, ACCA, IMC, CISI, the Chartered Banker Diploma and the CFA’s Certificate in ESG Investing.

Dianne's professional affiliations reflect her unwavering commitment to excellence in the finance industry. She holds the esteemed CFA charter and is recognized as a fellow of the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). In addition, she has earned an MSc. in Accounting, demonstrating her academic prowess, and is an active member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI).

Dianne's extensive experience, coupled with her keen interest in ESG and sustainable finance, positions her as a respected authority in the financial training landscape.

Dianne Ramdeen