About HOCK international

Our Mission

HOCK helps busy professionals overcome self-doubt and master a large syllabus by providing a step-by-step plan, complete and affordable materials, and unlimited support to pass their certification exams with confidence and advance their careers.

About our Founder

Brian Hock

Brian Hock, CMA, CIA founded HOCK international in 2000 and is the president of HOCK international. He has over twenty years of teaching experience delivering live and online classes and actively helps HOCK students achieve their success.

"Through teaching students from around the world, I have learned that providing excellent materials and explaining the exam concepts with clarity and understanding is not always enough to pass the exams. Busy schedules, a lack of experience, education gaps, English being a second language, not being motivated enough, financial issues, and self-doubt are all common fears and concerns that students need to overcome, in addition to mastering the exam syllabus. At HOCK, we prepare students for the exams by helping candidates address all of these aspects of the study process. We provide a study plan, motivation, value-based prices, a payment plan, English subtitles on our videos, detailed explanations in our question bank, and materials and classroom videos that cover everything you need to pass the exams with confidence. My job, and the focus of the entire HOCK team, is to prepare you to pass your exams with confidence."

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