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Here you will find a wealth of information about the CMA exam, exam procedures, and answers to many common questions. If you can't find what you need in these links, we are here to help.

CMA Exam Guide

HOCK offers a comprehensive CMA Exam Guide that includes all of the details that you need to study for, take, and pass the CMA exams. Get your free CMA Exam Guide now!

Free CMA Resources

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CMA Exam University Student Scholarship

The IMA offers CMA scholarships for University students around the world, and HOCK international is pleased to provide free CMA Exam Prep materials for IMA scholarship recipients.

Learn more about HOCK's University Study Scholarship.

CMA Testing Windows

Registration for the CMA exams is offered in three testing windows each year. When you register for the exam with the IMA, you choose an exam window, and then schedule your exam for any available time slot during that testing window at Prometric.

January/February: Exams Offered

March/April: No Exams

May/June: Exams Offered

July/August: No Exams

September/October: Exams Offered

November/December: No Exams