CIA Exam Review Subscription


If you are taking the CIA Challenge Exam for CPA, CA, or CISA Holders, we have a Challenge Exam Review Subscription.

All-Inclusive CIA Exam Review

HOCK international's CIA Exam Review Subscription gives you access to all of HOCK's CIA materials so that you have the tools you need to pass the exams on your first attempt.

Pay As You Go, Cancel Anytime

The average study time for the CIA exams is 9 - 12 months, meaning that you can study with HOCK for less than $500.

You can cancel your subscription anytime if you finish studying or need to take a break and resume later - we will save your study progress for you.

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What is Included in the CIA Exam Review Subscription?

If you are taking the CIA Challenge Exam for CPA, CA, or CISA Holders, we have a Challenge Exam Review Subscription.

  • Online Textbooks

    Comprehensive yet easy-to-read textbooks provide complete coverage of the CIA syllabus. Highlight, underline, and annotate the online textbook, viewable on any device.

    Part 1: 178 Pages

    Part 2: 164 Pages

    Part 3: 410 Pages

    Part 1 Hard Copy on Amazon
    Part 2 Hard Copy on Amazon
    Part 3 Hard Copy on Amazon

  • Videos

    Videos by Brian Hock provide the same coverage as a CIA class from the comfort of your own home. Captions in English are available on all of the videos.

    Part 1: 11 Hours

    Part 2: 12 Hours

    Part 3: 19 Hours

  • Test Bank

    Practice questions using an interface like the real exam. Detailed explanations are included for all answers.

    Part 1: 710 MCQs

    Part 2: 979 MCQs

    Part 3: 1,016 MCQs

  • Mock Exams

    Mock exams with new questions not used elsewhere provide a final review before taking the real exam.

    Part 1: 2 Mock Exams

    Part 2: 2 Mock Exams

    Part 3: 2 Mock Exams

  • Expert Teacher Support

    Our experts are here to answer your all of your questions throughout the study process.

  • Study Anytime, Anywhere

    Use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to study anywhere, with all of your progress saved in My Studies.

  • PassMap™ - Interactive Learning System

  • Intuitive Step-by-Step Guide. The PassMap™ guides you through the exam syllabus, one topic at a time. Each topic in PassMap™ links the textbook, practice questions, and videos.
  • Adaptive Personal Study Plan. The plan provides an estimated study time for each topic and guides your studies week by week based on your target exam date. If you change your exam date, the study plan instantly updates your schedule.
  • ExamReady™ Progress Bar. Exam candidates frequently ask, "Am I ready to take the exam?" HOCK's ExamReady™ progress bar helps you know when you are ready. When it reaches 500, you are ready!
  • Personalized Overview. Your Personal Study Plan shows an overview of your entire study schedule and an estimate of how many hours you need to study each week to stay on track.

Try the HOCK CIA Exam Review for Free

Not sure if the HOCK CIA Exam Review is right for you? Access the entire HOCK course for all three Parts for free for 7 days. Your paid subscription starts after your 7-day free trial, or you can cancel anytime during the trial if you do not want to continue.