Why are CMA Pass Rates Declining?

The pass rates for the CMA exam have been declining for the past several exam windows, and the September/October exams continued this trend. In my experience, it is not uncommon for pass rates to fluctuate higher and lower over time. These fluctuations are not always connected to the difficulty of the exam, so it is not necessarily the case that the CMA exam has gotten more difficult. Some of the factors that can cause a decline in pass rates not related to the difficulty of the exam are:

  1. Less experienced or less qualified individuals taking the exam. When an exam has a higher pass rate, more people think that they can pass the exam. So, individuals with less experience and less education may start taking the exam. For exams based in English, pass rates can also be affected by the level of English skills that candidates have.
  2. Relaxed or lazy preparation by candidates. Again, if candidates perceive that an exam has a high pass rate, they may assume that the exam is easy enough that they do not need to prepare diligently. Also, many individuals overestimate their level of knowledge, and simply do not study enough.
  3. Materials that do not stay current with the exam over time. Just as candidates may relax when there is a higher pass rate, some publishers and providers may stop focusing on maintaining the materials. Publishers may continue to sell the same materials without taking into account any changes (even small ones) to the syllabus, testing, or the types of candidates studying for the exams.

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Brian Hock, CMA, CIA

1 Comment

  1. monther on January 19, 2016 at 1:55 pm

    I’m preparing for the cma p1 in Jan/Feb window, thanks alot for your gentle concerns, I’m a big fan of the hock publishing and and I’m looking forward to hearing more of your exam tips….. Keep moving forward

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