Using HOCK Materials in Your Classes

Are you a CMA or CIA instructor?

The HOCK materials are used in exam prep classes all around the world in classes of all sizes. Because our materials were originally developed as self-study materials, they contain everything that a candidate needs to pass the exam. You do not have to develop supplemental materials for your students when you use HOCK materials in your classes.

On this page, we provide an overview of the resources HOCK provides for you and for your students. If you'd like to find out more about using HOCK materials in your classes, please email Kevin Hock at

Materials for Students

The standard set of materials offered for CMA or CIA classroom students includes online access to the Textbook and Questions with an official login from HOCK international. No materials need to be printed or shipped. Your students' online access to the materials does not have any set expiration; students can continue to access the materials as long as they need to pass their exams.

If you want to provide printed textbooks to your students, we do not ship printed books because shipping and customs fees can be very costly. Instead, we provide you with full-color covers marked with our authenticity holograms, and then you can print and assemble your books locally.

Instructor Resources from HOCK

For your instructors, HOCK provides PowerPoint slides that can be used to provide structure to the live lectures and/or can be provided to students as handouts for taking notes. We are also happy to help your teachers structure and/or prepare for their classes.

HOCK instructors also receive access to the Textbooks, Questions, and Videos so that they can use the materials to prepare for their classes.

Other General Information

Arrangements for providing materials to students do require that the students be enrolled in a live class; we do not license reselling of materials to students not in your classes. Students looking for self-study materials only should be referred back to HOCK.

Once you have committed to HOCK for your classroom materials, we will add you to our list of authorized live classes so that prospective students will be able to find your classes and also know that you are an authorized HOCK classroom partner.

If you'd like to find out more about using HOCK materials in your classes, please email Kevin Hock at