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    Peter DeMontravel


    I am enjoying the course and finding it very helpful.    

    I looked online to get more detailed on the Competency Framework and found it was revised (see attached), but I don’t know when that occurred.  If I take the exam within the next two months, will the test include the revised Competency Framework?

    Thank you, 


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    Brian Hock
    HOCK international

    Hello, Peter,

    The IIA does not really provide guidance about when a specific standard or guidance is tested (in terms of a certain number of months after it is published). We will include the new Competency Framework in the next update of our Textbook that will be available this summer (we are working on it now). Since you will be taking the Exam in 2 months, I would look at the new Competency Framework, though I would not expect a detailed question that is very specific to one or the other Framework. You need to know it exists, the guidance that it provides and the main terms used. But, I do not see a specific question that requires a detailed knowledge of one of the individual items on the table.


    Peter DeMontravel

    Thank you, Brian, for getting back to me so quickly and your full response!

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