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CIA 592 III.32 – Database – views and records

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    Andrew Reno

    Question ID: CIA 592 III.32 (Topic: Databases)An inventory clerk, using a computer, views the following on screen: part number, part description, quantity on-hand, quantity on-order, order quantity, and reorder point for a particular inventory item. Collectively, these data make up a

    • A. Field.
    • B. File.
    • C. Record.
    • D. Database.

    The stated answer to this question is “C. Record”, however, this is not the best answer to the question. I will explain:

    The part number, part description, and maybe the order quantity and reorder point would be sourced from the item master table; if there were multiple facilities with different reorder points and quantities, these would likely source from a separate table due to the many to one relationship that would exist between the varying reorder points and the item master. The on-hand balance is a field that would be derived from an inventory transaction history file; it is the sum of the inventory transactions. The quantity on order field would be derived from a purchase order table; it is the sum of open purchase orders. 

    So what this question describes is actually a view, not a record. The fields in this view, coming from multiple tables, collectively would make up a database.

    In order for these fields to comprise a record, a multitude of redundancies and inefficiencies would need to exist in the design of the database home to the table in which this record exists.

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    Kevin Hock


    While you make a compelling argument, this question provides an example of a couple of different things to be aware of when taking the exam:

    1. You have to answer the question based on the facts provided. While you are correct that the design listed would probably not be very efficient, there is no basis by which to judge its efficiency (or lack thereof) from the very short text in the question, or ascertain anything about the underlying database structure.
    2. You have to answer the question based on which answer is the best of the choices provided. If “view” were a choice, then it would be a better answer, but it is not. Of the answer choices provided, record is the best choice.

    So you are correct that record may not be the best answer, but it is the best answer of the choices listed using the limited facts given in the question.


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