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    Prem Suthar

    hello there 

    general question

    i have score near 67 % in both mock exam in MCQ section is it good score or very bad score? 

    my essay was pretty good.

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    Lynn Roden
    HOCK international

    Hello Prem Suthar,

    A higher score in the MCQ portion would be better. It is always better to have a margin of safety, that is, several points above about 70%. However, if you get 67% right on the MCQ portion of the real exam, you will be able to proceed to the essay portion. If you do well on the essay portion, you could do well enough on the overall exam to pass.

    And remember, every exam is different. How well you do on the exam you get really depends on what questions you get. So the mock exams can give you an idea of how well you might do on the real exam, but they are not an absolute guarantee of how you will do. You may do better or worse on the real exam than you have done on the mock exams.

    If you have any questions prior to your exam, please let us know. Best wishes for success!


    Prem Suthar

    some time it happens like…

     i am getting difficult questions right and easy questions wrong  . any suggestions on that ?


    importantly what can i do or what could be a better strategy to study in last week of the exam.

    i have my exam on 3rd MAY.

    i have completed 85% of my exam  bank just left with some normal theory question  what can i do next after solving both mocks?

    and i have solved almost every essays also.


    please advise me on that matter.



    Lynn Roden
    HOCK international

    Hello Prem Suthar,

    If you are getting easy questions wrong, then you may be missing information in the questions that you need in order to answer them correctly. I believe a lot of exam questions are missed not because the candidates do not know the material, but rather because they miss some important point in the question, and that sends them in the wrong direction. I know it is hard to do when you are under pressure of time, but try to read the questions very carefully. Look for the information that you need to answer the question, and disregard the information that you do not need.

    If there are some topics that you are a little weak on, spend some time reviewing them. Reread the information in your book from those study units and answer a few questions from those study units in the Test Bank. If you have any formulas or facts that you need to memorize, make yourself a study sheet with that information and just keep going over it and over it again.

    Make sure you know what identification or other materials you need to take with you (and what not to take), and take a calculator that complies with the calculator requirements. That information is in the CMA Candidate Handbook, which is available at

    If you have not done so already, download the two “Final Tips” documents from My Studies and read them. Click on “Final Tips” on the materials menu, and that will take you to the two buttons at the bottom of the page.

    If your exam is in the morning, eat a high-protein breakfast. If your exam is in the afternoon, eat a high-protein breakfast and just a light lunch beforehand so you won’t get sleepy. And don’t drink too much coffee or other liquids before your exam. If you need to take a break, it is better to take it than not to take it, but it is better yet not to need to. If you take a break you will lose a lot of exam time because the clock will not pause.

    If you have any extra time after you have answered the questions on the exam, spend it going back over as many questions as you have time for. In taking a second look, you may see something you missed that would change an answer.

    If you have any last-minute questions, do not hesitate to ask.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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