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    Shoukat Butt

    Is there any way i can get more practice questions for Ethics section? Also please share any tips to completely master Organizational Ethics as it is concise but mcqs are based on day to day general issues. What should be focused to counter any question asked?

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    Lynn Roden
    HOCK international

    Hi Shoukat Butt,

    We do not know what questions might be asked on the exam because the exam is a nondisclosed exam. Therefore, the best advice I can give you is to study the information in your HOCK textbook (for whichever exam you are planning to take — this year’s exam or next year’s exam).

    We do not have any extra practice questions beyond what you already have. Practice questions are provided to supplement the information provided in your book and to give you an opportunity to put the knowledge you have gained from studying your book into practice by answering some questions. But practice questions cannot possibly duplicate the questions you will encounter on the actual exam, so they cannot prepare you for the exam.

    The ICMA’s Learning Outcome Statements indicate what topics will be tested, and the material in your HOCK textbook covers those topics. I suggest you also download the IMA’s Statement on Management Accounting, “Values and Ethics: From Inception to Practice,” because one of the Learning Outcome Statements says, “c. apply relevant provisions of IMA’s Statement on Management Accounting, ‘Values and Ethics: From Inception to Practice’ to a business situation.” We have included some of the concepts from that Statement in your HOCK book, but you should really read the whole SMA, as well. Below is a link to the download page on the IMA’s website (I think you will need to be logged in to the IMA’s website as a member of the IMA to access it):—from-inception-to-practice


    Shoukat Butt

    Thank you so much dear. Really appreciate your help.

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