Special Offer for May 2019 – CPA Textbooks and Videos for $99/Part

Special Offer on CPA Textbooks and Videos – $99 per Part or $349 all Parts. Don’t miss the best offer on the market!

CPA Books and Videos

If you need help understanding the difficult topics on the CPA exam, the HOCK CPA Books and Videos will give you the boost you need at an unbeatable price. Stop struggling and start learning!

This incredible offer is possible because it does not include teacher support or a question bank. A second question bank has very limited value to you because every CPA provider has the same retired questions from the AICPA (and passes on the licensing fees to you). However, Brian’s 20 years of CPA teaching experience can help you overcome weak areas with straightforward and comprehensive explanations, and you don’t have to pay for a second question bank.