CMA Live Step-by-Step Course


Who is the CMA Live Step-by-Step Course for?

The CMA Live Step-by-Step Course is a full preparation course intended for CMA Part 2 candidates who will be taking the CMA exam during the September/October 2021 Exam window.

The course will cover the entire syllabus step-by-step including expert teaching, answering practice questions, and strategies for writing essays.

The number of participants is limited.

CMA Part 2 Class Schedule

April 19 - September 3

Every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday 

9:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. India Standard Time
8:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Dubai Time
7:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. KSA Time
9:00 p.m. - 12:30 a.m. US Pacific Time (Sunday, Monday, Thursday)

Break Days - No Class

Week of May 10

Week of June 14

Week of July 12


All classes take place online using Zoom. An archive of the classes will be posted after each week.

What is Included:

  • 153 hours of live training 
  • Video archive through the January/February 2022 exam window
  • Teacher support from HOCK experts
  • Flash cards
  • Mock exam

It is recommended to have a CMA textbook for reference and a test bank for additional practice. The HOCK PDF Textbook and Test Bank can be added to the purchase of the course. If you have the HOCK CMA Review Standard or Review Complete, you already have these materials.

Trial / Refund Policy

Not sure if the course is right for you? Try it risk-free with full refunds available through Monday, May 3rd (two weeks after the first classes). No refunds after the sixth class.

Monday, April 19 - Horizontal/Vertical Analysis and Ratios

Tuesday, April 20 - Liquidity Ratios

Friday, April 23 - Solvency Ratios/Leverage Ratios

Monday, April 26 - Coverage/Activity ratios

Tuesday, April 27 - Activity/Coverage ratios

Friday, April 30 - Profitability/Market ratios

Monday, May 3 - Profitability/Market ratios

Tuesday, May 4 - Profitability/Market ratios

Friday, May 7 - Special issues-Fx Fluctuations

Monday, May 10 - No Class

Tuesday, May 11 - No Class

Friday, May 14 - No Class

Monday, May 17 - Special issues-Fx Fluctuations

Tuesday, May 18 - Special issues-Accounting for changes

Friday, May 21 - Special issues-Accounting for changes/ Economic profit

Monday, May 24 - Special issues- Economic profit/Earnings Quality

Tuesday, May 25 - Risk and Return/CAPM

Friday, May 28 - Risk and Return/CAPM

Monday, May 31 - Bonds-Types, valuation

Tuesday, June 1 - Bonds-Types, valuation

Friday, June 4 - Bonds-Types, valuation

Monday, June 7 - Equity and valuation

Tuesday, June 8 - Equity and valuation

Friday, June 11 - Derivatives

Monday, June 14 - No Class

Tuesday, June 15 - No Class

Friday, June 18 - No Class

Monday, June 21 - Derivatives

Tuesday, June 22 - Cost of Capital

Friday, June 25 - Raising Capital

Monday, June 28 - Working Capital management

Tuesday, June 29 - Working Capital management

Friday, July 2 - Working Capital management

Monday, July 5 - Corporate Restructuring

Tuesday, July 6 - International Finance

Friday, July 9 - International Finance

Monday, July 12 - No Class

Tuesday, July 13 - No Class

Friday, July 16 - No Class

Monday, July 19 - CVP analysis

Tuesday, July 20 - CVP analysis

Friday, July 23 - CVP analysis

Monday, July 26 - Marginal analysis/Relevant cost

Tuesday, July 27 - Marginal analysis/Relevant cost

Friday, July 30 - Marginal analysis/Relevant cost

Monday, August 2 - Pricing

Tuesday, August 3 - Pricing

Friday, August 6 - Pricing

Monday, August 9 - Questions on all Sec C topics

Tuesday, August 10 - Questions on all Sec C topics

Friday, August 13 - ERM/COSO components

Monday, August 16 - ERM/COSO components

Tuesday, August 17 - VAR

Friday, August 20 - Questions on all Sec D topics

Monday, August 23 - Terminal Cash flows

Tuesday, August 24 - NPV/IRR/Payback

Friday, August 27 - NPV/IRR/Payback

Monday, August 30 - Sensitivity analysis/Monte carlo

Tuesday, August 31 - Business Ethics

Friday, September 3 - FCPA, SOX,and Ethical considerations for Organizations



Moosal Kazim Nazeer, CMA, CFM, ICWA, Senior Faculty of HOCK international. Kazim has over 15 years of professional teaching experience and has been with HOCK international since 2006. Kazim is very passionate about CMA and patient with his students. He is always happy to answer all of the questions, give extra explanations, and meet with students outside of the class session if needed. Kazim does everything it takes to ensure that the candidates pass their CMA exams on the first attempt and with great confidence.

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The exclusive discount code will be provided by email after purchasing HOCK CMA materials.