CMA Crash Course and MCQ Practice


Who is the CMA Crash Course and MCQ Practice for?

The CMA Crash Course and MCQ Practice is intended for CMA candidates who will be taking the CMA exam in September or October 2021.

This is not a full CMA Exam prep course. It is assumed that candidates have study materials and have studied for the exams. This course is designed to review the most challenging exam topics and practice MCQs. Students will be provided with the MCQs discussed in class.

The number of participants is limited.

CMA Part 1 Schedule

July 19 – September 9*

Every Monday and Thursday

10:00 am – 12:30 pm New York time - US EDT

(7:30 pm – 10:00 pm India time)

CMA Part 2 Schedule

July 20 – September 10*

Every Tuesday and Friday

10:00 am – 12:30 pm New York time - US EDT

(7:30 pm – 10:00 pm India time)

*The dates and times of the classes are tentative and may change.


All classes take place online using Zoom. There will be NO video archive provided. If you miss the class, the slides from the class will be made available to you.


About 20% of each class is dedicated to review of the main elements of the topic and the most challenging details. The remaining 80% of the class will be spent practicing MCQs.

Class Topics

July 19: Class 1: Statement of Cash Flows

July 22: Class 2: Accounts Receivable

July 26: Class 3: Inventory Valuation

July 29: Class 4: Deferred Taxes

August 2: Class 5: Budget Preparation

August 5: Class 6: Probability

August 9: Class 7: Learning Curve

August 12: Class 8: Variance Analysis

August 16: Class 9: Variance Analysis

August 19: Class 10: Transfer Pricing

August 23: Class 11: Process Costing 

August 26: Class 12: Variable and Absorption Costing

August 30: Class 13: Internal Control Components

September 2: Class 14: Segregation of Duties, SOX

September 6: Class 15: Technology and Analytics

September 9: Class 16: Technology and Analytics

July 20: Class 1: Liquidity Ratios, Solvency

July 23: Class 2: Activity Ratios

July 27: Class 3: Basic EPS and DEPS

July 30: Class 4: Bond Valuation, Debt Financing

August 3: Class 5: Share Valuation

August 6: Class 6: Derivatives

August 10: Class 7: Working Capital Management, EOQ, Cash Discount, etc

August 13: Class 8: CVP Analysis

August 17: Class 9: Relevant Cost and Decision Making

August 20: Class 10: Pricing

August 24: Class 11: Risk Management and ERM

August 27: Class 12: Investment Decisions, Terminal Cash Flows

August 31: Class 13: Investment Decisions, Terminal Cash Flows

September 3: Class 14: Professional Ethics 

September 7: Class 15: Topic TBA

September 10: Class 16: Topic TBA


Moosal Kazim Nazeer, CMA, CFM, ICWA, Senior Faculty of HOCK international. Kazim has over 15 years of professional teaching experience and has been with HOCK international since 2006. Kazim is very passionate about CMA and patient with his students. He is always happy to answer all of the questions, give extra explanations, and meet with students outside of the class session if needed. Kazim does everything it takes to ensure that the candidates pass their CMA exams on the first attempt and with great confidence.

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