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The CIA Challenge Exam Materials are intended for students eligible for the expedited path to becoming a CIA. The materials are based on HOCK's CIA Review and follow The IIA's syllabus for the CIA Challenge Exam.

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Evaluate the HOCK materials with our CIA free trial that provides full access to the CIA Part 1 Sections I & II materials. The CIA trial materials are the same as the CIA Challenge Exam Section I, Topics 1 & 2 materials.

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    Section I: 140 Pages

    Section II: 122 Pages

    Section III: 78 Pages

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    Section I: 8 Hours

    Section II: 9 Hours

    Section III: 5 Hours

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    Section I: 465 MCQs

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Section I Video List - 8 Hours

Topic 1

1. Foundations of Internal Auditing

A. Introduction and the IPPF – 14 Minutes
A. Background of the Standards – 13 Minutes
A. Types of Standards – 5 Minutes
B. The Internal Audit Charter – 22 Minutes
C. Assurance and Consulting Services – 7 Minutes
D. The Code of Ethics – 15 Minutes

Topic 2

2. Independence and Objectivity

A-B. Organizational Independence – 18 Minutes
C-D. Individual Objectivity – 24 Minutes

Topic 3

3. Proficiency and Due Professional Care

A. Proficiency and Competency Framework – 17 Minutes
B. Proficiency, Understanding, and Appreciation – 13 Minutes
C-D. Due Professional Care and Continued Professional Development – 10 Minutes

Topic 4

4. Quality Assurance and Improvement Program

A-C. Quality Assurance and Improvement Program – 25 Minutes

Topic 5

5. Governance, Risk Management, and Control

The Three Lines of Defense – 12 Minutes
A. Organizational Governance - 27 Minutes
B. Organizational Culture and Ethics – 26 Minutes
C. Types of Risk – 16 Minutes
C. Risk Appetite, Risk Tolerance, and Risk Capacity – 15 Minutes
C. Risk Management Process – 22 Minutes
D. Enterprise Risk Management – 13 Minutes
D. ISO 31000 – 18 Minutes
E. Examining the Effectiveness of Risk Management – 12 Minutes
F. IAA's Role in the Risk Management Process - 8 Minutes

Topic 6

6. Fraud Risks

A. Introduction to Fraud - 24 Minutes
A. Fraud Risk Assessment - 17 Minutes
A. Internal Auditor Responsibilities During Engagements - 13 Minutes
A. Fraud Investigations - 15 Minutes
B. Controls to Prevent and Detect Fraud - 11 Minutes
B. Culture of Fraud Awareness - 7 Minutes
C. Forensic Auditing and Interrogations - 17 Minutes

Section II Video List - 9 Hours

Topic 1

1. Managing the Internal Audit Activity

A. Managing the Internal Audit Activity Introduction - 15 Minutes
B. Administrative Activities – 13 Minutes
B. Managing the People in the IAA – 18 Minutes
C. Using Risk Management in Planning - 12 Minutes
C. Identifying Potential Engagements - 8 Minutes
D. Using Risk Framework to Prioritize Engagements - 17 Minutes
E. Risk and Control Self-Assessment – 18 Minutes
E. Audits of Third Parties – 7 Minutes
E. Contract Audits – 11 Minutes
E. Quality Audits – 21 Minutes
E. Due Diligence Engagements – 6 Minutes
E. Security Audit Engagements – 6 Minutes
E. Privacy Engagements – 13 Minutes
E. Performance and Operational Engagements – 7 Minutes
E. Financial Engagements – 16 Minutes
E. Environmental Engagements – 11 Minutes
F. Principles of Consulting – 19 Minutes
F. Consulting Engagements – 20 Minutes
G. Coordinate with External Auditors and Others – 22 Minutes
G. Assurance Maps – 7 Minutes
H. Communicate Audit Plan to the Board - 5 Minutes
I. Identify Significant Risk Exposures - 4 Minutes
J. Report on Effectiveness of IC and RM - 6 Minutes
K. Internal Audit KPIs - 17 Minutes

Topic 2

2. Planning the Engagement

A. Engagement Scope and Objectives – 15 Minutes
B. Planning to Assure Identification of Risks – 8 Minutes
C. The Work Program – 16 Minutes
D. Categories of Procedures – 13 Minutes
E. Staffing the Engagement - 8 Minutes

Topic 3

3. Performing the Engagement

A. Preliminary Survey – 13 Minutes
A. Interviewing – 16 Minutes
B. Checklists and Questionnaires – 8 Minutes
C. Using CATT – 14 Minutes
C. Testing the Computer System – 9 Minutes
D. Evaluate Evidence – 8 Minutes
E. Process Mapping – 18 Minutes
F. Develop Engagement Conclusions – 9 Minutes
G. Engagement Supervision – 15 Minutes

Topic 4

4. Communicating Engagement Results and Monitoring Progress

A-C. Preliminary and Interim Reports – 9 Minutes
B. Communication Elements and Quality – 16 Minutes
D. Making Recommendations – 5 Minutes
E. Engagement Reporting Process - 25 Minutes
F-G. Assessing and Communicating Residual Risk - 9 Minutes
H-I. Monitoring Progress – 17 Minutes

Section III Video List - 5 Hours

Topic 1

1. Business Acumen

A. Strategic Planning - 24 Minutes
B. Risk and Control Implications - 17 Minutes
B. Organizational Structure - 9 Minutes
B. Departmentation and Span of Control - 10 Minutes
C. Human Resource Processes - 26 Minutes
C. Procurement Process - 16 Minutes
C. New Product Development Process - 13 Minutes
C. Sales and Marketing, Logistics, and Outsourcing - 13 Minutes
D. Project Management - 15 Minutes

Topic 2

2. Data Analytics

Data Analytics - 21 Minutes

Topic 3

3. Information Technology and Security

A. Information System Controls - 14 Minutes
A. Internet Controls - 16 Minutes
B. Privacy - 14 Minutes
C. Emerging Technology Practices - 11 Minutes
D. Cybersecurity Risks - 10 Minutes
E. Cybersecurity and Information Security-Related Policies - 8 Minutes
F. Systems Development - 18 Minutes
F. Prototyping, RAD, and System Changes - 10 Minutes
G. IT Frameworks - 29 Minutes

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