CMA and CIA Personalized Study Plans Now Available To All HOCK Students

HOCK is pleased to announce that our Personalized Study Plans are now available to all HOCK CMA and CIA students, not just to students who have HOCK CMA or CIA textbooks. Our standard Study Plans outline Units of study along with a suggested amount of study time for each Unit, based on studying 8-10 hours per week. By selecting a date to begin studying and a target exam date, a Personalized Study Plan will adjust the standard Study Plans to your schedule. You can also have your Personalized Study Plan emailed to you at the beginning of each week.

Personalized Study Plans for the CMA and CIA exams are available to anyone who has previously purchased HOCK CMA or CIA materials, and can be set up in My Studies by clicking on the Personalized Study Plan icon on your My Studies bookshelf.