Payment Plan

Best Payment Plan in the Industry

Set up your payment plan in minutes and start studying today!

Start Studying Today

No Credit Check, No Interest, Available to Anyone in the World

While our competitor’s plans are available only to US residents and require a credit check, our payment plan does not require a credit check and is available to students around the world on any materials $299 or more.

Payment methods accepted on the payment plan are credit cards, debit cards, and US checking accounts.

Why Choose a Payment Plan from HOCK?

Takes Only Minutes

Set up your payment plan in only a few minutes without any complicated questions.

Even if you're tired or busy, we've made a quick and easy process for setting up your payment plan.

You Are In Control

Choose your down payment and plan duration.

You can choose a down payment between 20% and 50% and pay the remainder over 2 to 4 months.

No Interest or Fees

Pay nothing extra to use the payment plan.

There are no extra fees, no interest, no surcharges, and no credit check on the payment plan.

Start Studying Today

You have access to your materials immediately.

As soon as you complete your down payment, you can access all of your study materials.

How do I set up my Payment Plan?

Setting up your payment plan can be done in a matter of minutes. Follow the six easy steps below or the adjacent video to set up your payment plan and start studying today!

Your materials will all be available immediately after you complete your order and down payment, and the scheduled payments will be automatically charged according to the schedule shown on your payment plan contract.

Steps to Start Studying Today (click on the image to enlarge)

Step 1

Choose your materials ($299 or more) in our online store, add to cart, and click Proceed to Checkout.

Step 2

Log in or enter your contact information, and then click on Next Step.

Step 3

Choose Pay with Payment Plan from as your payment and click Set up Payment Plan.

Step 4

Choose a down payment and plan duration, then click Proceed to Payment.

Step 5

Enter your card information, sign the contract, and click Process Down Payment.

Step 6

Your order is complete and you are ready to start studying!

Ready to Advance Your Career?

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Whether you have time restraints or money concerns, we offer the payment plans, deals, and study materials to help you pass your CMA or CIA exams. If you don't pass, we also offer a HOCK's exclusive "You Pass Or We Pay" Guarantee.