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The HOCK Blog

Blog: Short-Term Thinking in a Long-Term World

In my last blog, I asked “Is the right ‘you’ making your decisions?” and suggested that for long-term decisions, we should use the future version of ourselves drawing on the wisdom and perspective that come with experience. When we talk about management of a company, one of the issues is called “Agency Theory.” This is…

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Blog: Is the Right “You” Making Your Decisions?

Is the Right “You” Making Your Decisions? Every day we make numerous decisions, some of them with a very brief impact on our lives and some with a long-term impact. While what you choose to have for breakfast doesn’t have any long-term consequences, a decision whether or not to change jobs or careers is one…

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Blog: Hard-Earned Cash

I was recently reading one of my daughter’s books where one of the characters made a comment about a customer paying with money that he referred to as “hard-earned cash.” This phrase made me think about two different ways we can look at “hard-earned cash” connected to our work. The first way is whether or…

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