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5 Reasons to Become a CMA

Why become a CMA? There are many reasons for you to get a professional certification. Better job opportunities, increased pay, and more prestige, are the common general reasons to obtain a professional certification. Aside from these general reasons, here are five specific reasons for choosing to become a CMA. CMA is internationally recognized First, the…

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Exam Tip: Memorize The Code of Ethics

Both the CMA and CIA Exams test their organizations’ Code of Ethics. While the Code of Ethics may be a small topic on each exam, do not ignore preparing for questions about the Code of Ethics. These are easy points to earn on the exam. The way to prepare is to memorize the Code of…

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Exam Tip: What is the best way to study?

Exam Tip: What is the best way to study? When I was in the fifth grade band, the trumpet section had a piece that we needed to play all together from memory, without our music. I decided that instead of memorizing it by playing it many times, I would memorize it by writing the notes…

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