HOCK offices closed Monday, May 27th, 2019

The HOCK offices will be closed on Monday, May 27th, 2019 in observance of Memorial Day. We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday! Limited email support will be available over the holiday weekend, but please allow extra time for a response.

Our online store remains open 24/7 – start studying today with a no-interest payment plan from HOCK international!

Video: Six Tips for Answering MCQs on the CMA Exams

In this video, get six tips for answering multiple-choice questions on the CMA exams, including how to quickly eliminate answer choices and use clues from the question to determine the correct answer.

For more information about the CMA exam scoring and grading including how many MCQs are not evaluated during the exam (and why) see How is my CMA Exam Score Determined?.

New! One to One with Brian Hock

A special message from Brian Hock, President of HOCK international

Learning new concepts and mastering new skills requires a significant investment of time and energy. You, or people you know, may have worked with private coaches, tutors and/or counselors such as math tutors, piano teachers, sports coaches, career counselors, or even exam-specific tutors such as SAT or ACT tutors. We make these investments because we know that advice and guidance from experts can help us reach our full potential whether in the classroom, on the field, or in our careers.

I understand that passing the exams is an important step in your career. To fully support you in your preparations, I want to make certain that, in addition to having the knowledge to succeed, you also have the confidence, support, and motivation to pass on your first attempt. Because everyone has different methods of studying, there is no simple formula for preparing and knowing when you are ready. However, with almost 20 years of experience working directly with candidates, I understand what you are going through and how to help you pass.

If you are feeling anxious about whether you are studying in the right way or feel uncertain about some of the topics on the exam, I can help you gain the confidence you need. HOCK has a new opportunity for you to receive personal support and guidance directly from me in a 1-to-1 setting called One to One with Brian. Learn more about One to One with Brian and take advantage of this opportunity to invest in your future and success.

Please contact us with any questions that you have and we will be glad to help. I look forward to meeting with you, helping you pass your exams, and advancing your career!

Brian Hock

Video: Which Part of the CMA Exam Should I Take First?

In this video, HOCK international President Brian Hock answers a very common question about the CMA Exam, “Which Part of the CMA Exam Should I Take First?” Once you decide which Part you want to take first, you can learn more about HOCK international’s comprehensive CMA exam preparation and start studying today!

The Only Question You Need to Answer to Pass the Exam

There is one question that you must be able to answer correctly in order to pass a professional exam. If you can answer this question correctly, you will pass the exam. If you cannot answer this question correctly, it is very unlikely that you will pass. Watch the video to find out the question!

So, before you start preparing for any question that is going to be on the exam, make certain you can first answer the question of why you are studying. Why are you studying?

Special Offer for May 2019 – CPA Textbooks and Videos for $99/Part

Special Offer on CPA Textbooks and Videos – $99 per Part or $349 all Parts. Don’t miss the best offer on the market!

CPA Books and Videos

If you need help understanding the difficult topics on the CPA exam, the HOCK CPA Books and Videos will give you the boost you need at an unbeatable price. Stop struggling and start learning!

This incredible offer is possible because it does not include teacher support or a question bank. A second question bank has very limited value to you because every CPA provider has the same retired questions from the AICPA (and passes on the licensing fees to you). However, Brian’s 20 years of CPA teaching experience can help you overcome weak areas with straightforward and comprehensive explanations, and you don’t have to pay for a second question bank.

CIA Part 2 Textbook Update April 2019

The CIA Part 2 Textbook has been updated, and the new files are available for current students to download in My Studies. The significant changes are listed below including page numbers in the new book. If you have any questions about these changes, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

You can also learn more about the HOCK CIA Textbooks and other exam prep materials if you are not already a HOCK student.

Section I

Page 57: Added Standard 2120: Risk Management.

Section III

Page 120: Added more discussion of liquidity ratios and working capital.

Page 132: Added topic “Review of the Working Papers.”

Section IV

Page 152: Added more points from PA 2440-2 on whistleblowing.

Page 154: Added discussion of Standard 2600 on the acceptance of risks.

Page 155: Added PA 2060-1: Reporting to Senior Management and the Board and a discussion monitoring engagement outcomes.

HOCK India Offering Live Virtual Classes starting April 2019

Online Live Classes HOCK India April 2019

HOCK India is offering Live Virtual Classes for only 20,000 INR per part for students who have purchased CMA materials from HOCK. Classes will be after Indian working hours (9:30 p.m to 10:30 p.m.) by veteran CMAs with teaching and industry experience, starting in late April.

Other important details about these classes:

  • Classes will be conducted in WebEx accessible from the comfort of home.
  • Recordings will be sent after each live class for review.
  • Students get access to HOCK live classes until they pass both Parts.
  • Students receive admin support for IMA payments as well as promotions from HOCK India.

Contact info@hockindia.com with questions about the courses or to sign up.

My Studies Video Display Updates April 2019

HOCK is pleased to announce two new features for our CMA, CPA, and CIA videos in My Studies:

  1. Check marks will now appear on the button for each video after it is watched completely. The buttons will also turn from green to gray as another visual indicator of completion.
  2. The last time a video was watched shows underneath the name of each video.

These new features are live in My Studies and incorporate video data going back to 2013 when HOCK first launched our videos.

Not yet a HOCK student? Learn more about our CMA, CPA, and CIA exam prep and starting studying today!