I just sat for the CMA exam. How do I know if I passed?

During the CMA exam testing windows, we get a lot of questions from CMA candidates after taking the exam, such as:

  • “How many multiple-choice questions did I need to get right to comfortably pass the exam?”
  • “I got to the essay portion and thought I did really well, so will I pass the exam?”
  • “What was the pass rate for the exam in the last testing window?”

These all boil down to essentially the same question: “What are my chances of passing the exam?”

As much as we would like to be able to answer, we have no way of knowing. There is simply no way to predict whether or not you passed the exam. Spending time wondering about it, thinking about it, or stressing about it will not change the result, which you will receive approximately six weeks after the end of the month in which you took your exam.

If you still need to take the other part of the exam, the question you should be thinking about is whether or not to start studying for the other part while you wait for your exam result. This is a question that we can help with: http://www.hockinternational.com/waiting-result-start-other-parts/

So, what should you do instead of wasting time wondering if you passed? Our suggestion is, if you are not studying for the other part, that you should take a break and do things you enjoy that you could not do while you were studying. Rest your mind and relax your body. The results will come soon enough, and only then will you know the answer to your question, “Did I pass?”