Indian Institute Of Commerce Lakshya Joins HOCK Partner Program

Lakshya - new HOCK partner

We are thrilled to announce that the Indian Institute Of Commerce, Lakshya, has joined the HOCK Partner Program, further enriching our network of educational partners. Lakshya will be integrating HOCK’s comprehensive CMA study materials into their classes, ensuring their students have access to top-tier resources and expert guidance.

IIC Lakshya takes pride in being more than just educators; they serve as career advisors, deeply involved in their students’ strategic decision-making processes. Committed to providing every possible advantage, Lakshya ensures that their students can meet their ambitions. They understand the value of time and money, which is why they employ the best tutors in the industry and provide access to a unique module system that allows students to track their progress effectively.

For more information and updates on Lakshya CMA courses, please visit the Lakshya website.

We look forward to a successful partnership and celebrating the achievements of Lakshya students in their professional journeys.