IIA offers Internal Audit Practitioner Designation

The IIA recently began offering a new designation, Internal Audit Practitioner, for candidates who have started their CIA certification by passing CIA Part 1. The full text of the announcement is available on the IIA Web site and is reproduced below.

To support new and rotational auditors as they begin a career or enter a new career phase in auditing, The IIA is pleased to announce the Internal Audit Practitioner designation.

This new designation provides recognition for those who have taken the first step toward CIA certification, which is taking and passing Part One of the Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) exam. Upon passing the exam part, candidates can submit an application to obtain the Internal Audit Practitioner designation through social badging.

For new auditors, obtaining the designation after passing Part One of the CIA exam demonstrates their knowledge and aptitude of internal audit basics, and they may choose to continue the path to full CIA certification by passing exam Parts Two and Three to establish a comprehensive internal audit foundation. For those navigating through a temporary or rotational role in auditing, the Internal Audit Practitioner designation provides fundamental knowledge to make the most of the experience and offers credibility within the field.

In addition, the Internal Audit Practitioner designation offers audit managers and executives a practical and effective way to build stronger teams by establishing a common foundation of basic auditing skills and knowledge for their entire auditing staff.