How to choose a live-taught course provider for the CMA, CIA, and CPA exams

Around the world, there are hundreds of institutions offering live taught classes for CMA, CIA, CPA, ACCA, and many other certifications. While there are a lot of excellent review course providers in the market, there are also some that charge too much for too little service. Some provide poor materials, illegal copies, and/or unqualified teachers and do not do much to help you prepare to pass your exams.

These are the questions that you need to ask providers when choosing a course: 

  1. How many hours of instruction are provided per part?
  2. Who are the instructors?
  3. How many candidates are usually in a class?
  4. May you attend a class, or part of a class, for free to see how the class is run?
  5. What support the does company provide outside of classes?
  6. Will the publisher of the materials that they use answer your questions?
  7. Will I need to study between classes?
  8. What happens if you miss a class? How can you “make it up?
  9. What study materials are provided?
  10. What will they do for you if you attend every class and fail the actual exam?
  11. What is the total cost of the attending class will be?
Watch the video to learn which answers you should expect from a good course provider and what answers are causes for concern.

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