Frequently Asked Question: Does HOCK have enough MCQs?

In short, yes.

More questions do not necessarily mean that you will be better prepared. We know that there are test banks with many old and/or outdated questions, which add to the question count but do not help you pass the exam. Or, there may be a number of variations of the same question with slightly different numbers, but these are not beneficial to learning. We carefully review our questions to ensure that they are relevant and unique and include all of the retired questions from recent exams.

Also, we frequently hear from students after they take the exam, “The questions on the exam were different than the practice software!” This is expected because new questions are constantly being added to the exam that are different than the previously released exam questions. This means that the books and videos that teach you the concepts are the most important part of your studies because understanding the topics means that you can answer any question, not just ones like the practice questions. So while practice questions are a key part of your learning and practicing the concepts tested on the exam, simply answering as many questions as possible will not enable you to pass the exam.

The best way that we can express the confidence in our question bank is that our question bank is part of the HOCK CMA Complete Materials with “You Pass Or We Pay” Guarantee. If we did not have enough MCQs, we could not offer this guarantee. As of this writing we have not had to make a payment for someone to retake the exam, which tells us that there must be enough MCQs.

In summary, the quality of the MCQs is at least as important as the quantity. Our “You Pass Or We Pay” Guarantee speaks more loudly than how many questions are in a provider’s question bank.

Brian Hock, CMA, CIA

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  1. Raed Hassan on May 6, 2016 at 4:23 am

    Right, as soon as you understand the concept you can solve any question and pass the exam.

    In my preparation for CMA Part 1 using HOCK, my score on the exam was almost the same as my overall average during studying, around 82%, even though the exam questions were different than what I practiced.