ExamSuccess Online Now Available

HOCK is pleased to announce that the next generation of ExamSuccess, ExamSuccess Online, is now available alongside the computer-based software to all previous and future CMA and CIA ExamSuccess customers. ExamSuccess Online has all of the same great multiple-choice questions as our current Windows and Mac ExamSuccess software, but is available on most Internet-capable devices. This means that for the first time ever, ExamSuccess can be used on the most popular tablets and smartphones, as well as on office computers where it is not possible to install software. ExamSuccess Online also means that all of your sessions and history will be kept together, regardless of how many different devices you use to study.

We look forward to hearing your feedback about the new ExamSuccess Online and will continue to improve it going forward. If you have any questions about the new ExamSuccess Online, please contact us.


  1. Anthony on July 1, 2014 at 1:17 pm


    CMA Exam success online is not available in my “my studies” page for further reference. Can you help me sir please?.

  2. HOCK international on July 1, 2014 at 2:40 pm

    We have verified that the access is on your account and on your bookshelf you should see CMA ExamSuccess and ExamSuccess Online (Beta) next to it. If you do not see the complete bookshelf, please make sure your browser is up to date or try another web browser as certain browsers, especially older ones, may not display the bookshelf correctly.

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