Exam Tip: Use the Keyboard

During your exam, you should use the keyboard instead of the mouse to select your answers and move to the next question; the keyboard is much faster than trying to hit a small circle with your mouse. This may only save you a few seconds on each question, but if it saves you 3 seconds on each question, over the course of 100 questions you will have an extra 5 minutes to spend answering questions instead of moving the mouse. Those extra minutes may be the difference between being able to answer the last few questions on the exam and having to make last-minute guesses on them.

When taking the CMA exam, if you want to select answer “A,” hit “a” on the keyboard. To move to the next question, hit “Alt-n” on the keyboard. So, to select choice “A” and move to the next question, hit “a” and then hit “Alt-n.” The HOCK CMA ExamSuccess study software works the same way as the Prometric exam, so you can use it to practice using the keyboard instead of the mouse to build your speed. You may also find it is faster to leave your mouse positioned over the “Next” button on the screen and hit the mouse button to move to the next question, so try that as well.

Similar keyboard shortcuts are available on the CIA exam, and may also be available on other credential exams.

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