Exam Tip: The Last Few Days Before Taking The Exam

A common question among candidates is what they should focus on the last few days before taking the exam. Our suggestions are:

  1. Do not try to learn anything new. If you do not already understand a topic, you probably will not learn it in the last few days.
  2. Prepare a study sheet with the formulas and other short lists that need to be memorized, and then go over it whenever possible. Even though you will not be able to take the study sheet to the exam, the act of preparing it is a learning experience and helps with memorization.
  3. Do not focus on essay problems; practice multiple-choice questions instead. While you may enjoy the feeling of solving a large problem, it is unlikely that the problem you do will be covered on the exam. In the time it takes to do a 30 minute problem, you can review 30 multiple choice questions. The broad scope of coverage is a better use of time during the last few days than an in-depth review of one specific topic.
  4. Sleep. While you may want to study as much as you can, it is critical that you sleep at least as much as needed to be well rested. Your brain will function better when you are rested and refreshed.

If you have done a thorough job of preparing during the weeks and months leading up to the exam, the last few days should be a calm time to review and prepare mentally to take the exam.