Exam Tip: What is the best way to use the flash cards?

One of the challenges in preparing for the exam is that you must remember the first topic that you studied for the entire time that you are studying, so it’s important to have a quick way to review main points. Our flash cards are designed to help with this ongoing review process by helping you drill on main points and formulas. We suggest that after you complete a topic or subtopic, you immediately review the flash cards for that topic. This will put those cards into rotation and show them to you at a regular interval in the future.

For example, after you study the first topic in Section A, review those flash cards. Continue with each topic. Then, as you are studying Section B, you will be getting the Section A cards for review. Continue using the cards for Section B as you move through Section B, so that when you get to Section C, you will have cards from Sections A and B. And so on.

Because the cards that you do not know as well appear more often, the flash cards will automatically help you review the topics that you need the most help to remember. At the same time, the cards will also help you remember all of the topics you’ve already studied, but will show you the topics you already mastered with less frequency.

By utilizing the intelligent scheduling in the flash cards software, you can better retain the topics you know and learn the topics you don’t. Using the flash cards throughout your studies will not only make your final study and review easier but will also increase your chance of passing the exam.