Don’t Be Misled by Biased Reviews

While researching exam prep materials, you may have come across web sites that claim to offer unbiased and objective reviews of materials. Unfortunately, these sites do not have your best interest in mind.

The ratings and reviews on these sites are usually based on which provider pays the highest commission for referrals, and not on the quality of their materials. Providers that won't pay a commission receive lower ratings because the review sites can't make money referring you to those providers.

As a Result of Biased Reviews:

  • Candidates are misled into purchasing materials based on reviews motivated by profit, rather than genuine interest in helping you choose the best materials.
  • Exam prep providers feel pressured to pay a commission for better ratings and reviews, leading to higher prices for you.
  • Review sites make money off of the higher prices that you pay, but they do not add value to your material selection process.

What You Can Do When Choosing Materials:

  • Evaluate the sample materials offered by each exam prep provider (and if they don't offer samples, why don't they?), as well as feedback from other candidates who used the materials. HOCK has partnered with Yotpo to collect real reviews from verified customers and we offer free samples of all of our materials.
  • Contact each provider with questions about their course and evaluate the timeliness and completeness of their responses.
  • Share your personal and honest reviews online on social media, blogs, etc. for future candidates to read.
  • Purchase materials by going directly to the provider's web site and clear your cookies beforehand to clear any commission-tracking information.

What HOCK is Doing About Biased Review Sites:

  • We do not participate in commission or discount programs offered by review sites. This keeps your prices lower because we do not need to cover the cost of a commission.
  • We are raising awareness about biased review sites, including working with other providers, to help you make informed choices when choosing exam prep materials.
  • We are calling on review sites to disclose their financial interest in referring certain materials over others. Many of these sites are run by certified professionals who should know that it is in violation of any professional Code of Ethics not to disclose conflicts of interest.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about preparing for your exams, please do not hesitate to contact us. Exam preparation is our only focus at HOCK, and we look forward to helping you achieve your certification!