Yes, the HOCK question bank will prepare you to pass the CMA exams. To answer this question more fully, and help you feel confident in this answer, we need to look not only at the quantity of questions, but also the quality of questions.

HOCK, Gleim, Wiley, and other providers are all provided with the same retired exam questions from the ICMA, the governing body of the CMA exam. This means that all providers start with mostly the same base of questions in their question banks. Any variations in question counts between providers can be attributed to:

  1. Outdated questions. We have been told that some other providers have questions that are no longer relevant, contain outdated accounting information, or refer to outdated technology (such as floppy disks). We work very hard to actively remove questions that are no longer relevant and waste your time.
  2. Duplicate questions. Similarly, some question banks have a lot of duplicate or similar questions. Taking a question and doubling all of the numbers in it does make a new question, but that new question is not beneficial to your exam preparation. We remove any duplicate or similar questions that we find during our regular review of the questions, and do not leave them in just to inflate our question count.
  3. Questions providers write. We work hard to write relevant and challenging questions for our question bank if there are any gaps in the coverage of the questions received from the ICMA. Questions that are too easy or excessively cover one topic do not add value to you, even though they make the question count higher.

How important are incorrect answer explanations when evaluating the quality of a question database?

Incorrect answer explanations are very important to efficiently learning the material. While preparing for the exam, you will get some of the practice questions wrong. When this happens, you can turn that incorrect answer into a learning opportunity by understanding why you got a question incorrect, for example, what mistake you made, what formula you used incorrectly, or what theory you applied. This can save you from making the same mistake again later.

HOCK is only one of two CMA providers that we are aware of who provide incorrect answer explanations for all questions in the question bank. We encourage you to look at the details in the answer explanations when evaluating a provider’s question database.

The best way that we can express the confidence in the quality of our question bank is that it is part of the HOCK CMA Complete Package with “You Pass Or We Pay” Guarantee. If we did not have enough MCQs or detailed answer explanations, we could not offer this valuable guarantee unique to HOCK.

We look forward to helping you pass your CMA exams. If you have any questions about the HOCK materials, question bank, or exam processes, we will be glad to help.

Brian Hock, CMA, CIA

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