What does it cost to become a CPA?

The total cost of taking the CPA exams depends on the jurisdiction you choose and several other factors.

  • For US candidates, the CPA fees are between $980 and $2,560, assuming you pass every exam on your first attempt.
  • For non-US candidates, the CPA fees are between $2,650 and $4,280, again assuming that you pass every exam on your first attempt.

Remember, with our exclusive "You Pass or We Pay" Guarantee included with our CPA Review Complete, HOCK will pay the Registration and Examination Fee for your second attempt if you don't pass the first time.

We strongly encourage you to first find out if you are eligible for the exams and determine exactly what it will cost based on your jurisdiction requirements. Do not invest any time or money before you know that you are eligible and how much it is going to cost to become a CPA.

Fees for US residents taking the exam within the US

Application Fee$10$377State Board of Accountancy fee to determine eligibility.
Registration Fee$20 per exam
$80 total
$150 per exam
$600 total
$75 flat fee in most states.
Examination Fee$208.40 per exam
$833.60 total
Covers the exam administration costs.
CPA Ethics Exam$0$200Not required in all states.
Background Check$0$49Not required in all states.
Licensing Fee$50$500Paid after meeting all requirements to get your CPA license.
Total for US Candidates$973.60$2,559.60Does not include materials or any exam re-takes.

Non-US candidates have additional fees

Credential Evaluation$100$300Required to evaluate transcripts from non-US Universities.
International Fee$356.55 per exam
$1,426.20 total
Applies to any exams taken outside of the US.
Total for non-US Candidates$2,499.80$4,285.80Does not include materials or any exam re-takes.

 Standard PriceStudent Price
With 50% SaleWith 45% Discount
CPA Review Standard$574$628
CPA Review Complete$999$1,099

Prices shown are for purchasing all four Parts together. Purchasing each Part individually will increase the cost.