HOCK CMA Study Plans

Studying for and passing the CMA Exam requires dedication and hard work. From our twenty years of experience at HOCK, we know that planning makes this process much easier.

Do I Need a Study Plan for the CMA Exam?

Download CMA Study Plans

Our standard study plans are available for free to all students.

CMA Part 1 Study Plan (PDF)
CMA Part 2 Study Plan (PDF)

PassMap - Interactive Study Plan for the CMA Exam

HOCK students can create a personalized study schedule called PassMap in My Studies that tracks your progress through the materials, including a countdown to your exam date. If you fall behind or change your expected exam date, you can easily adjust your schedule.

How much time do I need to study?

Both HOCK and the ICMA recommend about 150 hours of study per Part. Our study plans provide guidelines for how much to study in terms of weeks, assuming that you study 8-10 hours per week. Depending on your personal and professional obligations, and your previous experience with the exam topics, you can easily adjust these plans to be shorter or longer.

Looking for CMA Exam Prep Materials?

HOCK offers complete and comprehensive CMA Exam Prep materials so that you can pass the exam on your first attempt, and we are the only CMA Program that will pay for you take the exam again – if you need to – with our exclusive “You Pass Or We Pay” Guarantee. Learn more about the HOCK CMA Exam Prep and check out our free trial of the HOCK CMA materials.