Clarifying the Relationship between the IMA, the ICMA, and Wiley: Why It Matters to You

When talking with CMA candidates, we are frequently asked about the IMA, the ICMA, and Wiley, and how they are related, especially because Wiley advertises its CMA program as the “IMA’s Official CMA Test-Prep Suite.” What does Wiley’s relationship with the IMA mean to you as a CMA exam candidate? It doesn’t mean anything – and here’s why.

The Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA) is the examining body for the CMA exam. The ICMA creates the exam syllabus, writes the exam questions, grades the exam, and releases retired exam questions to the review course providers.

The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) is one of the leading worldwide associations of Management Accountants. They maintain the association’s membership records and provide administrative support to the ICMA with respect to the exam, such as processing exam registrations, but are not involved in any way with writing or grading the exam. As stated by Dennis Whitney, Senior Vice President of the ICMA, "In terms of exam development and administration, ICMA is independent of the IMA.”

Wiley is an independent exam prep provider like HOCK, Gleim, and others. In 2013, the IMA entered into a collaborative partnership with Wiley, endorsing the Wiley CMA materials as the “IMA’s Official CMA Test-Prep Suite.” While this “Official” label implies that Wiley materials are inherently better than other exam prep providers, no such conclusion about superior quality is justified. Neither the IMA nor Wiley have any more information about the CMA exam than any other provider, nor has Wiley met any published standards of quality to earn this “official” label.

What does this mean for you?

  1. The ICMA and the IMA are separate entities. The IMA/Wiley partnership operates completely independently from the ICMA.
  2. Neither the IMA nor Wiley has “insider access” to any information about the CMA exam. The IMA and Wiley receive the same information from the ICMA as HOCK, Gleim, etc.
  3. The ICMA does not review the content or vouch for the quality of the Wiley materials. In fact, the ICMA does not review or vouch for any providers' materials.

Dennis Whitney sums it up clearly: “ICMA is separate from the IMA/Wiley partnership. The ICMA treats all review course providers the same. No review course provider or developer of materials has more information, earlier information, or different information than any other provider.” Every provider, including Wiley, is completely independent from the ICMA and has to develop their own materials, tools, and methodologies for studying.

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The information on this page about the IMA, the ICMA, and Wiley has been reviewed and approved by the ICMA.