What To Expect On Your Exam Day

CMA Exam Day – What To Expect on Your Exam Day

Preparing for your exam day is one of the most important steps in your CMA exam journey. You worked hard to get to this point, you spent hours studying, and now you need to make sure that you know what to expect on exam day to feel more comfortable and confident.

Prometric Testing Center

The CMA exams are taken in person at a Prometric Testing Center. Make sure that you find the closest center to you in advance to plan your traveling time accordingly.

Arrival Time

Allow extra time for traffic/transportation and plan to arrive at the testing center 30 minutes early. You will use this time to park, check in, use the restroom if necessary, and get settled.

Check-In Process and ID Verification

The check-in process is conducted by a Testing Center Administrator (TCA). Here is what to expect:

  1. The TCA will ask you to provide a valid ID. The IMA ID requirements are an international passport or two forms of ID, including a government-issued photo ID (e.g., a driver’s license).
  2. The TCA will scan your ID for validation and add your personal information to your profile.
  3. The TCA will take your picture and add it to your profile.
  4. The TCA will scan your fingerprints to create a unique biometric ID. You will use your fingerprints to log in and log out from the Prometric system.
  5. The TCA will ask you to leave all of your personal belongings, including documents, jewelry (other than wedding/engagement rings), hat, keys, etc., in a locker.*
  6. The TCA will ask you to turn your pockets inside out, pull up your sleeves, raise your pant legs, and have you walk through a metal detector to make sure that you don’t have any electronics, metal objects, or other prohibited items with you.** 
  7. The TCA may perform a visual inspection of your glasses to check for camera devices.

*For additional information, check out the Prometric Test Center Security page.

** There is no physical contact between the exam candidates and TCAs at any point.

The IMA Instructions

The TCA will give you the official IMA rules and regulations for your CMA exam. Please take the time to read these and ask the TCA if you have any questions.

What can you take with you?

A calculator is the only thing that you are allowed to take with you for the exam. Make sure that you know what calculators you can use while taking the exam. As mentioned above, you will have to leave all other personal belongings in a locker.

The TCA will give you two No. 2 pencils and blank paper to take notes during the exam.

Please check Prometric Testing Centers for COVID-19 safety protocols; some locations require candidates to wear a mask at all times and follow other protocols.

The IMA Tutorial

Before the exam starts, you will have to take a 15 minute tutorial that will provide information on how to use the computer and answer questions on the exam. Be sure that you familiarize yourself with how to use the Present and Future Value tables provided as part of the exam interface.

We also recommend you watch a demonstration of the test-taking experience provided by the IMA.

Contacting TCA

If you have any questions after you watch the tutorial, or if you need to take a break during the exam, raise your hand, and the TCA will come to assist you.

Please note that you are allowed to take a break during the CMA exam. However, the exam time will NOT stop while you are taking the break.

After the Exam

When you finished taking the exam, come over to the TCA’s desk. The TCA will take your paper and give you any further instructions on how to sign out.

CMA Exam Results

You will get your exam results 6-10 weeks after you took the exam. You will receive an email with your score and will be able to access the result in your My IMA account. Read our recommendations on what to do while waiting for the result.

More tips for the day of your exam

Now that you know what to expect on the exam day watch this video for additional tips on eating, dressing, preparing for the exam mentally, and get some final words of encouragement from Brian Hock.

Mock Exams

One of the best ways to finalize your CMA Exam preparation is to take the Mock exam. It gives you an opportunity to check your readiness, practice time management, and develop stamina since the CMA exam is a non-stop, four-hour exam.

If you are a HOCK CMA student, you can access CMA Mock Exams in My Studies. If you are not a HOCK student, you can access the free CMA Mock Exams here.

The HOCK team is always here to support you and answer any CMA exam questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!

Free CMA Mock Exams