Certified Internal Auditor

What is CIA Certification and Who Is It For?

The CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) credential sets you apart from your peers - it indicates you are a proven asset in improving a company’s processes. You are able to understand organizational governance, evaluate risks and controls, and apply the business, IT, and management intelligence needed to accurately assess an organization’s strengths and weaknesses. But what is CIA certification, and is it necessary when working as an internal auditor? This article outlines how to become a Certified Internal Auditor and the benefits that come with being a CIA.

What is an Internal Auditor?

Internal Auditors are relied upon for crucial, candid assessments of a company or organization’s business processes. Their independent and objective evaluations of financial operations, business activities and corporate governance are crucial in assessing efficiency, adhering to procedure, and assuring compliance with legal requirements. Additionally, their post-audit recommendations to management help set the course for legal and ethical compliance with both the governing laws and outside regulations.

Internal Auditors are relied upon as the detail-oriented guardians of a company, both confirming professional excellence and uncovering corporate non-compliance. It is a crucial role that demands competence and professionalism at the highest levels.

What is CIA Certification?

CIA certification is a professional credential offered by The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) that verifies a person’s knowledge in assessing a variety of business functions and corporate governance. For more than 40 years, CIA certification through the IIA has been the global standard for validating knowledge and competence in the auditing field.

CIA Exam Eligibility Requierements

Before becoming a CIA, an individual must meet certain requirements. Acceptable combinations are as follows:

  1. A Master’s degree from an accredited college or university, successful completion of the three-part CIA examination, and one year of professional experience as an internal auditor.
  2. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, successful completion of the three-part CIA examination, and two years of professional experience as an internal auditor.
    • Active students in their final year of education at an accredited college or approved Internal Audit Preparation School (IAEP) can take the examination but will not receive credentialing until their experience requirement is met.
  3. Non-degree holders are also able to earn the CIA Certification. In addition to successful completion of the three-part CIA Certification exam, candidates must also have five or more years of professional experience as an internal auditor.

Once started, a candidate will have three years to complete their certification process. This means you can take the exam and get your professional experience concurrently.

CIA Exam Format

  • CIA Part 1 - Essentials of Internal Auditing | 125 multiple-choice questions | 150 minutes
  • CIA Part 2 - Practice of Internal Auditing | 100 multiple-choice questions | 120 minutes
  • CIA Part 3 - Business Knowledge for Internal Auditing | 100 multiple-choice questions | 120 minutes

Who Is the CIA Certification For?

Regardless of where you are in your career, CIA certification helps set you apart.

How Much Does Becoming a CIA Cost?

The costs to become a Certified CIA professional vary based on the category of learner you are.

  The IIA Member Non-Member Student
CIA Application $120 $240 $65
CIA Part 1 Exam $310 $445 $245
CIA Part 2 Exam  $280 $415 $215
CIA Part 3 Exam $280 $415 $215
Total $980 $1,505 $740

How Long Should I Study For The CIA Exam?

When investing money in this step of your career, studying is crucial to success. But don’t worry - HOCK CIA study materials provide everything that you need to pass your exams on your first attempt,  including nearly a thousand pages of textbook pages, 40+ hours of online instruction, a database of roughly 3,000 sample exam questions – as well as expert teacher support through our digital interface.

At HOCK, we know every learner is different and their pace of study will be different as well. Our recommendations for study time estimates are 70 hours for Part 1, 70 hours for Part 2, and 110 hours for Part 3. In total, this adds up to about 250 hours of studying for all three Parts.

Our commitment to you passing your exams is also why we created PassMap, our proprietary Learning Management System that lets you customize your learning experience. Simply put your exam testing date into PassMap, and it will lay out your learning schedule for you (based on the time until your test). It provides a weekly schedule, projects your calendar for the next month, and details the time you should spend in each learning module – it even tracks your practice results and your progress toward being fully ready to take the exams.

Why Become a CIA?

In the simplest terms, CIA certification drives your career.  Being a CIA gives you more freedom when developing your career path. According to the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), CIA certification gives you credibility and respect in your field, shows your commitment to personal development, and demonstrates a commitment to the profession. Additionally, CIA’s said their certification increased their earning potential by as much as 51% compared to their peers without certification. If want to set yourself apart in your profession, CIA delivers.

Get Your CIA Certification

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