Certified Internal Auditor

What is CIA Certification and Who is it For?

Internal auditing is a rewarding career, but did you know that by earning the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) certification, you can expand your knowledge and skills and take your career to the next level?

What is a Certified Internal Auditor?

The CIA certification offered by The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) is the only internal auditor certification recognized around the world. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are also trained in the area of auditing and perform some of the same tasks as a CIA, but the work of a CPA is usually limited to auditing the financial statements of a client company.

The Benefit of Becoming a Certified International Auditor

Professionals with the CIA certification have an advantage compared to non-certified individuals in the job market, and usually have higher pay and increased job security. According to IIA reports, a CIA in the United States earns approximately $38,000 more per year than auditors who do not have the certification. The demand for internal auditors is also growing due to many organizations placing a higher emphasis on controls and needing experts in corporate governance, risk management, and internal control. An increase in governmental regulations and reporting requirements and shareholders’ concern over corporate governance are also fueling an increased demand for internal auditors.

Over the course of their career, a CIA is also more likely to get promoted to positions such as audit manager, risk manager, and senior internal auditor than non-certified colleagues. Individuals with the CIA certification can even move up to executive roles such as chief financial officer, finance director, chief audit executive, or vice president of internal audit.

What Does the CIA Certification Require?

To be eligible to take the CIA exams, a candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in any field. In order to earn the CIA certification, a candidate must also have at least two years of internal audit experience. It may still be possible to be certified without a bachelor’s degree, but it requires up to seven years of work experience instead. If you are in this situation, speak directly with The IIA to make sure that you meet their requirements. Candidates must also submit a Character Reference Form filled out by a supervisor or coworker who also holds a CIA, CCSA, CGAP, CFSA, or a CRMA certification.

Individuals who receive the CIA certification are required to abide by The IIA Code of Ethics.

Get Your CIA Certification

The CIA exam is in three Parts (exams), each with its own syllabus. Studying for the CIA exams usually takes a total of 100-150 hours for all three Parts. Exams are taken at Pearson Vue testing centers located around the world. The IIA also allows candidates to take the exam online from home or work if certain requirements are met.

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