How do I register for the CIA Exam?

How do I Register for the CIA Exam?

In addition to passing the CIA exams, you have to meet the education and experience requirements. Read the details on our CIA Exam Requirements page.

Note: In most countries, including the USA, UAE, and India, candidates do not have to be a member of the IIA to take the CIA Exams. However, it is encouraged and recommended because the overall cost of registration for the exams is lower if you are an IIA member.

In some countries, candidates are required to be IIA members to take the CIA exams. Candidates should contact their local institute to verify the requirements.

Click to open the IIA Membership page on The IIA website.

CCMS is The IIA's system for registering for the CIA exams, uploading required documents, and maintaining your certification. You will need to create a profile and submit the required information and then navigate to the "Complete a Form" section. In the "Complete a Form" section, you need to click on the CIA program and follow the steps to complete your application process.

You must pay the application fee when you are applying for the CIA program. As described in Step 6, you should not register for the CIA program until 6-8 weeks before you are ready to take your first exam.

The IIA approves candidate’s applications for three years. If a candidate did not complete the certification process within three years, he or she loses any fees paid and any exams passed. There is also a one-time 12-month extension available for a fee.

After you submit your CIA application, you have 90 days to upload the required documents through the Certification Document Upload Portal.

The required documents are proof of identification, character reference, proof of education, and work experience.

We recommend that you wait to pay the CIA Application Fee and register for the exam until 6-8 weeks before you are ready to sit for your first exam part, for two reasons:

  1. You have 3 years from the time you pay your entrance fee to pass both parts. So, by waiting to pay your entrance fee, you can give yourself more time to complete your exams.
  2. If you wait too late you may not be able to schedule your desired day and time.

After your application is approved, The IIA will send you the link and instructions on how to register for the CIA exam. After you register, you will receive an "Authorization to Test" notification.

After you receive the "Authorization to Test" from The IIA you need to wait at least 48 hours and then contact the Pearson VUE testing center of your choice to schedule your exam.

What if I need more information about the CIA exam, requirements, procedures, etc.?

For complete information about the CIA exams, including requirements, registration procedures, exam fees, candidate resources and content outlines, download The IIA's CIA Handbook (PDF).

Maintaining your CIA certification

Once you have your CIA certification, you must earn the required CPE every year.