What does it cost to become a CIA?

What does it cost to become a CIA?

The total cost to become a CIA is made up of two components:

  1. Exam Registration Fees
  2. Exam Prep Materials

CIA Exam Registration Fees (Paid to The IIA)

IIA Member Non-Member
Membership Fee $260 N/A
Application Fee $115 $230
CIA Part 1 Fee $295 $425
CIA Part 2 Fee $265 $395
CIA Part 3 Fee $265 $395
Total IIA Fees $1,200 $1,445

Note: While you do not need to be a member to register for and pass the exams, the total registration fees are $245 less for IIA Members.

Having to take an Exam Part more than once will increase the total cost of certification.

HOCK CIA Exam Prep Materials (Paid to HOCK)

While our competitor’s materials can cost $1,000 or more, HOCK offers a CIA subscription for only $42 - $59 per month.

Because most students study for around 12 months, that means that you can study for your exams with HOCK's all-inclusive and comprehensive CIA Exam Review for under $500.