CIA General (2)

No, you may take the exam Parts in any order (for example, take Part 2 before you take Part 1). This is true for the CMA, CPA, and CIA exams.

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Yes, we offer payment plans on any materials $299 or more.

While our competitor’s payment plans are available only to US residents and require a credit check, our payment plan does not require a credit check and is available to students around the world. With the payment plan, you can choose an initial payment of 20%-50% of the purchase price and then pay the balance over 2-4 months.

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CIA Complete (1)

We are so confident in our CIA Complete Package that if you do not pass the exam on your first attempt, we will pay the exam fee for you to take the exam again (a $230-$280 value per Part – the IIA Member Pricing). No other company offers a guarantee like this.

To qualify for the Guarantee, you just need to meet three straightforward requirements before you sit for the exam:

  • Watch 95% of the videos.
  • Answer 90% of the multiple-choice questions correctly in the question database.
  • Pass one Mock Exam with a 70% score (first attempt only) or two Practice Exams with an 80% score (multiple attempts allowed).
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CIA Review (2)

Yes, the PDF textbooks and the hard copy textbooks are identical in content. In fact, we produce our hard copy textbooks from the PDF files.

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In the ExamSuccess practice questions and mock exams, there are approximately 700 questions for Part 1, 1,000 questions for Part 2, and 800 questions for Part 3.

More information about the practice questions is available on our CIA Review page.

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CIA Videos (3)

The videos must be watched online in your web browser, and cannot be downloaded. However, we also offer audio versions of the videos in mp3 format that can be downloaded and used offline on any audio-capable device including computers, tablets, and smart phones.

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As of June 2019, the approximate length of the HOCK CIA Videos are:

  • CIA Part 1 – 9 hours
  • CIA Part 2 – 12 hours
  • CIA Part 3 – 19 hours

More information about the videos is available on our CIA Videos page.

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Brian Hock is the teacher on all of the HOCK videos. Brian has been teaching CMA, CIA, CPA, and CFA courses since 2000.

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