Uplift Pro Joins HOCK Partner Program

Uplift Pro - new HOCK partner

We are pleased to announce that Uplift Pro, located in India, has become the latest member of the HOCK Partner Program!

Through this partnership, Uplift Pro will incorporate HOCK study materials for the CIA (Certified Internal Auditor), CSCA (Certified in Strategy and Competitive Analysis), and FMAA (Financial and Managerial Accounting Associate) exams into their curriculum.

Our collaboration is designed to leverage HOCK’s extensive resources alongside Uplift Pro’s specialized training, aiming to provide an enhanced learning experience for students preparing for these certifications. For more details on Uplift Pro’s offerings, please visit their website.

Welcoming Ronak Baheti to the HOCK Family

Welcoming Ronak Baheti to the HOCK Family

We are excited to welcome Ronak Baheti, CMA as the new Business Relationship Director at HOCK international! With Ronak stepping into this role, we set to cultivate and deepen our business relationships, especially in the vibrant market of India.

Ronak joins us with a unique perspective, having been a US CMA student who benefited greatly from HOCK’s educational resources. Ronak is passionate about leveraging his insights and experiences to contribute to our growth in India.

In his own words, Ronak shares, “As a US CMA student, I had the opportunity to use Hock videos, which helped me immensely to clear my exams on the first attempt. I always liked the clarity Brian used to explain, keeping it simple for understanding. I am really honoured to join the HOCK family and help them grow the Indian market. Brian’s student-first approach is something that resonated with me, and I decided to join him on this journey!”

Ronak’s appointment as Business Relationship Director is a testament to our commitment to not just educating but also building strong, supportive relationships with our partners and the professional community in India.

Brian Hock: “Ronak brings to our team a unique blend of experience as both a student and a professional. His understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the Indian market, coupled with his passion for education and growth, makes him an ideal fit for leading our business relationships. I am confident that with Ronak’s leadership, we will continue to strengthen and expand our presence in India, providing unparalleled support to our students and partners.”

Please join us in warmly welcoming Ronak Baheti to the HOCK family. Here’s to the exciting journey ahead and the achievements we will accomplish together!

Learn more about the HOCK Partner Program and HOCK India

Bhupesh Anand Classes Joins HOCK Partner Program

Bhupesh Anand Classes - new HOCK partner

We are thrilled to announce an addition to the HOCK family: Bhupesh Anand Classes, based in New Delhi, India, has joined the HOCK Partner Program!

We are excited to provide our comprehensive CMA exam study materials for both live and online classes offered by Bhupesh Anand Classes. This collaboration aims to enrich the learning experience for students, combining our globally recognized resources with their expert instruction.

Keep an eye on the upcoming classes and use this opportunity to advance your career. For more information about Bhupesh Anand Classes, visit their website

Task Academy Joins HOCK Partner Program

We’re partnering with Task Academy in Pune to offer training in US CMA, CIA, EA, CFA, CSCA, and FMAA certifications. Task Academy brings over 20 years of experience in these fields and ready to transform professional training in Pune!

A special thank you to Srividhya Rajaram, HOCK’s Head of India, for traveling to Pune to solidify this partnership.

Congratulations to Team Task Academy and welcome to the HOCK Partnership Program Sumit Tawari and Priti Tawari!

We are looking forward to seeing the success this partnership brings!

Welcoming Srividhya Rajaram to the HOCK Family!

Welcoming Srividhya Rajaram to the HOCK Family

We are thrilled to announce that Srividhya Rajaram has joined HOCK international as the Country Head in India! With Srividhya (Sri) on board, we are set to deepen and expand our connections across India.

Sri brings with her over two decades of experience in the education sector. Her journey, characterized by perseverance, passion, and patience, aligns seamlessly with our mission at HOCK.

With Sri's guidance, we are looking forward to strengthening our existing connections in India and creating new ones. Her role is vital as we continue to expand the ways that we can support our students and partners in achieving their career and business goals.

Srividhya Rajaram: “I had the honor of meeting Mr. Brian Hock and learnt about his passion and dedication to the teaching and training profession for over two decades. That left me genuinely amazed as I belong to the family of teachers.  What struck me most was not only his vision for student success but also his remarkable commitment to going above and beyond to ensure each student reaches their full potential. Equally impressive is his deep respect for business partners, evident in his continuous efforts to create value by providing unwavering support. It's an honor to work with Mr. Hock, especially having the opportunity to contribute in achieving his vision, to serve the students and professional communities in India and to enrich and nourish our relationships with our partners in India.

Brian Hock: "Having met with Sri while I was in India, I know that she will build on our success in India and help us, our partners, and our candidates continue to grow in this dynamic market. She has the same values that I have and that we have as a company. I am looking forward to working with Sri as she leads our work in India.

Please join us in welcoming Sri to the HOCK family. We're excited for the journey ahead and the many successes we will achieve together!

Trip to India – October 2023

Brian Hock and Jim Pechowski are traveling through India and sharing some great photos! The last few days have been spent reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. Brian and Jim visited multiple colleges, IMA chapters, met with training providers, and spent time with many of HOCK's past and future students. They also took part in the 2023 IMA India Annual Conference, where HOCK international was the title sponsor.