Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

HOCK India Offering Live Virtual Classes starting April 2019

Online Live Classes HOCK India April 2019

HOCK India is offering Live Virtual Classes for only 20,000 INR per part for students who have purchased CMA materials from HOCK. Classes will be after Indian working hours (9:30 p.m to 10:30 p.m.) by veteran CMAs with teaching and industry experience, starting in late April.

Other important details about these classes:

  • Classes will be conducted in WebEx accessible from the comfort of home.
  • Recordings will be sent after each live class for review.
  • Students get access to HOCK live classes until they pass both Parts.
  • Students receive admin support for IMA payments as well as promotions from HOCK India.

Contact info@hockindia.com with questions about the courses or to sign up.

My Studies Video Display Updates April 2019

HOCK is pleased to announce two new features for our CMA, CPA, and CIA videos in My Studies:

  1. Check marks will now appear on the button for each video after it is watched completely. The buttons will also turn from green to gray as another visual indicator of completion.
  2. The last time a video was watched shows underneath the name of each video.

These new features are live in My Studies and incorporate video data going back to 2013 when HOCK first launched our videos.

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IMA Offer for 50% off Membership and CMA Exam Entrance Fee

Get 50% off IMA Membership and the CMA Exam Entrance fee through April 9, 2019. (Valid only on new memberships.) View the full details of the offer and get the promo code on the IMA site. This offer cannot be used retroactively and cannot be combined with any other offers.

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CMA and CIA ExamSuccess Online Now Shows All Incorrect Answer Explanations

HOCK is known for its complete and detailed study materials, and the explanations for all of the correct and incorrect answers in our question bank are equally comprehensive. Our CMA and CIA ExamSuccess Online platforms now both show the full explanations for all answer choices, not just for the correct answer and, if answered incorrectly, the chosen incorrect answer.

The update is online and available immediately for all new ExamSuccess Study, Re-Study, Review, and Exam Sessions. Sessions already completed will not have the history / results updated and will still show only the explanations for the correct and, if applicable, incorrect answer choice.

What is the HOCK CMA “You Pass Or We Pay” Guarantee? (Video)

In this video, HOCK international President Brian Hock explains HOCK’s exclusive “You Pass Or We Pay” Guarantee included with our CMA Complete Materials. No other company offers a guarantee that puts a financial commitment on the line! We know that if you put in the time and study with HOCK, you will pass.

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The Only Question You Need to Answer to Pass the Exam

There is one question that you must be able to answer correctly in order to pass a professional exam. If you can answer this question correctly, you will pass the exam. If you cannot answer this question correctly, it is very unlikely that you will pass. Watch the video to find out the question!

So, before you start preparing for any question that is going to be on the exam, make certain you can first answer the question of why you are studying. Why are you studying?

ICMA Announces Changes for 2020 CMA Exams

The ICMA (Institute of Certified Management Accountants) has announced a few changes to the CMA exams effective with the January/February 2020 testing window.

  • CMA Part 1 has a new section on technology and analytics, and internal auditing has been removed.
  • CMA Part 2 has a new topic on social responsibility, and a few specific accounting topics have been removed.

Because these changes affect only about 10-20% of each exam, the current exams and the 2020 exams are interchangeable (there is no “transition” phase). That is to say, candidates can take one of the Parts under the 2019 syllabus and one of the Parts under the 2020 syllabus. Candidates studying now or starting to study in the next few months do not need to change their study plans.

There is a brief announcement about the change on the IMA web site here: https://www.imanet.org/cma-certification/getting-started/cma-2020-exam-changes, where you can also download the new 2020 Learning Outcome Statements.

HOCK will release updated study materials in advance of the new exams, and all HOCK customers who have purchased the CMA materials will have online access to the updated materials for the exam Part(s) they have purchased at no charge when they are released. If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to help.

CMA Part 2 Textbook Update October 2018

The CMA Part 2 Textbook has been updated, and the new files are available for current students to download in My Studies.

The only major change in this update is that the whole topic of Risk Management (Section D in Volume 2) has been revised to reflect the most recent COSO document, Enterprise Risk Management: Integrating with Strategy and Performance. Candidates who have already studied Section D should review the new book to familiarize themselves with the latest guidance from COSO. All of the other changes were minor clarifications and re-arranging content for better flow, and there is no need to re-study any other topics.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

You can also learn more about the HOCK CMA Textbooks and other exam prep materials if you are not already a HOCK student.

Congratulations to May/June 2018 CMA students

HOCK would like to extend our congratulations to all of the CMA students who passed their exams from the May/June testing window, especially to those who finished their second Part and have earned their CMA certification! It is our sincere pleasure providing the materials and support that help accounting professionals from all over the world advance their career.

Again, congratulations, and we wish all of our CMAs a successful and prosperous future!

CMA Part 1 Textbook and Questions Update July 2018 – for 2019 CMA Exams

The CMA Part 1 Textbook, Questions, and Flash Cards have been updated with all of the current accounting standards that will be tested on the CMA exams beginning in January 2019, including the new revenue recognition standard. A detailed list of changes is not available because the changes, particularly where revenue recognition is concerned, were extensive throughout all of Section A. There are no significant changes to the syllabus, accounting standards, or textbook in Sections B through E. Current students can access the updated materials in My Studies.

Updated videos for changed topics in Section A are coming soon and will be posted in My Studies as they are recorded.

Note: The newer accounting standards covered in the July 2018 update will not be tested until the January/February 2019 testing window. Candidates studying for the September/October 2018 exams should continue to use the previous version of the materials, which are all still available in My Studies through October.

You can also learn more about the HOCK CMA Textbooks and other exam prep materials if you are not already a HOCK student.