Blog: An Average Blog

I am surprised at how often I see something that says it is the funniest ever, most interesting ever, or otherwise best ever. Phrases like these are on TV, on the radio, and on websites, and have become something that people say in everyday conversation.

What is wrong with average? By definition, most of us are average because that is what average is. By extension, most articles that we read, videos that we watch, and stories that we read are not going to be special. Maybe there is something unique about them, but every video and blog post will not be the best ever.

Unfortunately, we only have ourselves to blame. We don’t want anything average, and we do not allow average to attract our attention. People know that if they want us to read something or watch something that they need to promise us that it will be better than anything else we could read or watch. Why do we allow ourselves to be tricked by these headlines? Even the villagers stopped listening to the boy who called “Wolf!” after three times.

I did not set expectations high with this blog, and I hope that this is one time you have read something on the Internet that met your expectations. Not the best ever, but just an average blog.