Authentic Materials

Do I have authentic HOCK materials?

If you received HOCK materials when you registered for a class, you may be wondering if you have authentic HOCK materials. Here is how you can know:

  • All authorized institutions are listed on our web site here: If the institution that you purchased your materials from is not on this page, then your materials are not authentic.
  • All authorized HOCK materials include online access to My Studies using your email address. If you did not receive a My Studies login directly from HOCK, then your materials are not authentic.
  • All authorized HOCK textbooks include a full color cover with an orange hologram sticker with the HOCK globe logo and a unique serial number. If your textbook does not have a full color cover and the orange hologram sticker, then it is an illegal copy.

Why should I care if my materials are authentic?

The most important reason is that you may fail the exam without authentic materials. Materials not provided by HOCK may be out of date or even for the wrong exam syllabus, and we cannot provide you with support if you do not have authentic HOCK materials. Studying with unauthorized materials can be a very expensive waste of time because you are not properly prepared for the exam.

Using illegal or unauthorized copies is also a violation of international copyright law and professional ethics that are part of belonging to an organization like the IMA, IIA, or AICPA. The IMA includes a notice on their web site at the bottom of this page that states: "Any CMA or CMA candidate who reproduces, reuses, or distributes CMA materials without prior authorization from IMA is subject to legal action and will be immediately expelled from the IMA and CMA program."

If I have unauthorized copies, what can I do?

If you were told that you were receiving genuine HOCK materials but have found out that they were not authentic, you should immediately demand a refund for false advertising and being sold unauthorized materials. Then, contact HOCK and let us know where you received your materials so that we can investigate and help you obtain genuine HOCK materials.