A Study Tip to Maximize Your Efficiency

Simply put, one of the first things you need to do is to pick a target exam date. Whether you’re just starting your study journey or you’re midway through it, setting the date is fundamental. Here’s why.

Why Setting a Target Date is Essential

Setting the date when you plan to take your exam gives your study process structure and purpose. If you’re at the beginning of your study journey, you might not know exactly how long it will take you. You might think it’ll be six months, and then realize after a couple of weeks that it could be shorter or longer. That’s fine. The important thing is that you have a goal date in mind.

Drifting Vs. Targeted Learning

Without a specific end date, your study process can quickly become aimless. Before you know it, two months have passed, and you haven’t really gotten very far in your studying. Having a target date fixes this problem by serving as a motivating factor, keeping you on track and ensuring that your studying remains focused.

How to Choose Your Target Date

If you’re unsure how to set a target date, evaluate the following:

  • The time you’ve already spent studying.
  • The amount of time you can realistically dedicate to studying each week.
  • The remaining time you have before the exam.

Taking these factors into consideration, estimate when you think you’ll be ready to take the exam.

Utilizing Exam Planners

If you’re studying with a structured program, like programs we offer at HOCK (CMA, CIA, EA, ESG), you can enter your target date into the exam planner. The planner will then align all remaining study units to help you prepare efficiently for the exam by that date.

The Power of Having a Target

Setting a target exam date is neither difficult nor time-consuming, but it’s a simple step that can have a transformative effect on your study process. With a target in mind, you’re more likely to stay on task, follow a schedule, and be effective in your study routine.

If you haven’t already, go ahead and set your expected exam date. It’s a straightforward action that can significantly increase how effective and efficient your study process will be. Because when you know your endpoint, you can better plan how to get there. Happy studying!