5 Reasons to Become a CMA

There are many reasons for you to get a professional certification. Better job opportunities, increased pay, and more prestige, are the common general reasons to obtain a professional certification. Aside from these general reasons, here are five specific reasons for choosing to become a CMA.

First, the CMA credential is the leading internationally recognized management accounting certification. It’s like a passport in the management accounting profession. Being a CMA shows that you know a specific body of knowledge to a degree of proficiency, and that you are able to work as a professional accountant or finance person in English.

Second, the CMA exam has a very practical syllabus. You study things that your company either does, or should be doing. There is very little in the CMA syllabus that requires just memorization with no practical application. This practical information also makes the material easier to learn.

Third, the CMA exam is only two exams, giving you a six-month to two-year standard time frame for completion. Having only two exams does not mean that becoming a CMA is easy, but it makes the time requirement more manageable. More exams in other certifications means that there is a greater chance that you will start, but never finish, that certification.

Fourth, the CMA exam is not easy. This means that passing the exam has value and shows that you have mastered difficult material. If an exam has a high pass rate, it means that it is relatively easy and does not offer much value to those who pass it. Because the overall CMA exam pass rate is below 50%, when you become a CMA it means that you are proficient with what is covered in the syllabus.

Fifth, the CMA exam is a great foundation for your career. Because it covers management accounting, financial accounting, internal controls, audit, decision-making, budgeting, and more, the CMA is especially a great foundation for a young professional who does not yet know what you want to specialize in. The relevant content also makes the CMA a good base of knowledge if you later decide to pursue CIA, CFA, CPA, or ACCA (there are 7 exemptions for ACCA if you are a CMA).

These five reasons are just some of the reasons that you should make CMA your professional certification of choice. If you have any questions about becoming a CMA, the CMA certification, the CMA exam, or studying for the CMA exam, we will be glad to help you. Just click on our contact page, or use our live chat feature, and we will be happy to talk about how you can become a CMA.

Brian Hock, CMA, CIA