2020 CMA Exams Header

2020 CMA Exam Changes

In January 2019, the ICMA announced some changes to the CMA exams effective January 1, 2020. These changes are incremental changes to the exams ensuring that the CMA certification provides management accountants with the skills needed in today’s workplace. The fees, number of questions, time allowed, grading method, etc. are not changing, and any Parts passed carry forward into 2020.

Remember, exams through October 31st, 2019, will be tested using the current syllabus. If you have any questions about preparing for the exams in 2019 or 2020, please contact us and we will be glad to help.

HOCK CMA 2020 Materials Status

The HOCK CMA Materials are updated for the 2020 syllabus.

Changes in CMA Part 1

  • New Section: Information Systems, Data Governance, and Data Analytics (Section F)
  • New Topic: Integrated Reporting (in Section A)
  • Deleted Topic: Internal Auditing (Section E)
  • Terminology Changes: Bad debts are now credit losses, and capital leases are now financial leases

The new Section F will be 15% of the exam, and it represents the vast majority of the changes for 2020.

Changes in CMA Part 2

  • New Topic: Business Ethics (Section F)
  • Deleted Topics: Off-Balance Sheet Financing (Section A), Bankruptcy (Section B), Tax Implications of Transfer Pricing (Section B)
  • Modified Topic: Ethical Considerations for the Organization (Section F)

The deleted topics are minor topics, and the only major change is an overhaul of Ethics in Section F.