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CMA Questions

CMA Questions

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Product Description

The HOCK CMA Questions include questions and answers in a variety of forms that help you practice what you have learned: flash cards, multiple-choice questions, essay questions including some with video answers by Brian Hock, and a full mock exam. The Questions pair well with our CMA Textbook, but can be used as a supplement to any CMA materials.

We are proud of our materials and want you to see them, so we offer samples of the textbooks, flash cards, ExamSuccess questions, and videos, without requiring you to register or create an account.

The HOCK Difference

How are the HOCK CMA Questions different? The HOCK questions include …

  • Both multiple-choice and essay practice questions; you don’t have to purchase essay questions separately.
  • Practice essay videos where Brian Hock walks you step-by-step through solving essay questions.
  • Interactive electronic flash cards that intelligently schedule cards based on how well you know the material.
  • A full mock exam with 100 multiple-choice questions and 2 essay scenarios, along with complete answer explanations.

All of our exam prep materials include our standard HOCK Guarantees: an Up-to-Date Guarantee, a Support Guarantee, a No Expiration Guarantee, and a Best Price Guarantee.

You have instant access to the materials after your purchase and can start studying immediately. Using your computer, tablet, or smartphone (see full list of compatible devices), you can use the materials wherever you go and for as long as you need to pass the exams.

Exam Prep Materials Included with CMA Questions

ExamSuccess Multiple-Choice Questions

ExamSuccess provides multiple-choice questions that test your knowledge of the concepts covered on the exam. Study Sessions provide instant feedback about each answer, while Exam Simulation Sessions use the same topic breakdown as the real exam and provide feedback only after the exam simulation has been completed. Answer explanations are provided for both correct and incorrect answer choices, and all sessions are timed so that you can practice your time management.

ExamSuccess is available for Windows and Mac computers and does not require Internet access after the initial registration, and in an online version that can be used on any Internet-connected device – any computer, any tablet, or any Smartphone.

As of January 2015, the number of questions in ExamSuccess is 1376 for Part 1 and 1063 for Part 2.

Essay Questions

While preparing for the CMA exams, you will use written-response essay questions in the same style and format as the current exam questions. Detailed answers are included for each question.

Essay Videos with Brian Hock

Brian Hock walks you step-by-step through retired CMA exam essay questions and shows you how to answer them.

Electronic Flash Cards

The Electronic Flash Cards are a popular study tool that provide an interactive flash card experience by intelligently scheduling cards based on how well you already know the content of each card. Rather than simply acting like a big stack of flash cards in a digital pile, the Anki software gradually introduces new cards and provides an effective, efficient way to study without causing information overload. By mixing new cards and old cards at regular intervals, learning and retention are maximized. The Manufacturing Input Variances flash cards sample (requires Anki) gives you a sample of the flash cards that you can try.

As of June 2015, there are 699 flash cards for Part 1 and 563 for Part 2.

Mock Exam

The mock exam with new questions not used elsewhere in the study materials provides a measure for your exam readiness and is a solid review before taking the real exam.
You are welcome to contact us by phone, email, or chat prior to ordering if you have any questions about our exam preparation products.

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