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Product Description

The HOCK CMA Complete Materials with “You Pass Or We Pay” Guarantee include all of the HOCK CMA Exam prep bundled together at a great price and the only Guarantee that will pay for you take the exam again – if you need to – with our exclusive “You Pass Or We Pay” Guarantee. Using your computer, tablet, or smartphone you can use the materials wherever you go and for as long as you need to pass the exams.

The Textbooks include:

  • Comprehensive and detailed examples so that you can fully understand the concepts, regardless of your work experience or how long you have been out of school.
  • Complete coverage of the exam syllabus so that you do not need to purchase any other books.

The Questions include:

  • Both multiple-choice and essay practice questions; you don’t have to purchase essay questions separately.
  • Interactive electronic flash cards that schedule cards based on how well you know the material.
  • A full mock exam, including complete answer explanations.

The Videos include:

  • Over 30 hours per Part taught by Brian Hock, one of the most experienced CMA teachers in the world with over fifteen years of teaching experience.
  • The same coverage as a live-taught course, covering all of the main topics on the exam syllabus.

“You Pass Or We Pay” Guarantee – The Best Guarantee Available

We are so confident in our CMA Complete materials that if you do not pass the exam on your first attempt, we will pay the exam fee for you to take the exam again (a $415 value per Part). No other company offers a guarantee like this.

To qualify for the Guarantee, you just need to meet three straightforward requirements before you sit for the exam:

  • Watch 95% of the videos.
  • Score 75% on the online section review quizzes (can be re-taken as many times as needed).
  • Score 75% on the online mock exam (can be re-taken as many times as needed).

You can also get the same Complete materials without the “You Pass Or We Pay” Guarantee for $100 less per Part.

Standard HOCK Guarantees Included

One-On-One Support Guarantee

You have unlimited access to one-on-one teacher support provided by the textbook authors for the products you purchased until you pass the exams. You do not need to worry about asking all of your questions before a certain date, nor do you need to worry about exceeding some limit on the number of questions you can ask.

Up-To-Date Guarantee

You have online access to updated materials when they are released, so you do not need to worry about studying with outdated materials.

No Expiration Guarantee

Your access to updated materials and support does not have any set expiration, so you do not need to worry about losing your access after 12 or 18 months. You can use the materials, keep them updated, and receive support for as long as you need to pass the exams.

Best Price Guarantee

By selling HOCK materials only through our online store, everyone pays a great low price for our materials. You do not need to waste time looking for affiliate or discount links.

Textbook (Printable PDF and/or Hard Copy)

The Textbook is the core of the HOCK CMA Exam Preparation and is easy-to-read using clear and straightforward language. Our textbooks are comprehensive and detailed with complete examples so that you can fully understand the concepts regardless of your work experience or how long you have been out of school; there is no need to purchase other textbooks. The Manufacturing Input Variances textbook sample is an excerpt from the current edition of our CMA Part 1 textbook. You can also download the CMA Textbooks’ Tables of Contents.

When you order HOCK CMA Complete, you also have the option of adding a hard copy textbook for a small additional fee. Our textbooks are printed in color on standard weight white paper for increased readability and durability, especially when highlighting. We use comb bindings that allow you to easily open the book flat on a desk. Shipping is free worldwide for the hard copy textbook option with CMA Complete with “You Pass Or We Pay” Guarantee.

Videos (Streaming Video and Audio mp3s)

The HOCK Videos are not an abbreviated version of the textbook read aloud, but instead provide a full classroom experience over the Internet. Teaching more than 100 days a year for fifteen years, Brian Hock is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced CMA teachers in the world. Similar to a University course, Brian covers the main points from the textbook, gives insights into difficult concepts, and solves calculation-based problems.

If the sample videos won’t play, please see Tips for Playing HOCK Videos for common fixes.

Part 1 Video List (33 hours)

Section A – 01-Introduction
Section A – 02-Financial Statements
Section A – 03-Financial Statements-IS and Others
Section A – 04-Statement of Cash Flows – Introduction
Section A – 05-Statement of Cash Flows – Methods
Section A – 06-Statement of Cash Flows – Indirect Method
Section A – 07-Statement of Cash Flows – Investing and Financing Activities
Section A – 08-Accounts Receivable
Section A – 09-Factoring Receivables
Section A – 10-Inventory Part 1
Section A – 11-Inventory Part 2
Section A – 12-Investments
Section A – 13-PPE Part 1
Section A – 14-PPE Part 2
Section A – 15-Valuation of Liabilities
Section A – 16-Income Taxes
Section A – 17-Income Taxes Part 2
Section A – 18-Common Stock
Section A – 19-Preferred Shares and Retained Earnings
Section A – 20-Revenue Recognition
Section A – 21-Long Term Contracts
Section A – 22-Discontinued Operations and Extraordinary Items
Section A – 23-US GAAP-IFRS Differences
Section A – 24-US GAAP-IFRS Differences Part 2
Section B – 01-Strategic Planning
Section B – 02-Strategic Planning Process-Mission and External
Section B – 03-Strategic Planning Process-Internal Analysis
Section B – 04-Strategic Planning Process-Formulating Strategies
Section B – 05-Strategic Planning Process-Implementing and Other
Section B – 06-Budgeting Introduction
Section B – 07-Budgeting Introduction Part 2
Section B – 08-Budget Methodologies
Section B – 09-Budget Methodologies Part 2
Section B – 10-Other Budgets
Section B – 11-Budgeting Questions Part 1
Section B – 12-Budgeting Questions Part 2
Section B – 13-Forecasting and Regression Analysis
Section B – 14-Learning Curves
Section B – 15-Probability and Expected Value Part 1
Section B – 16-Probability and Expected Value Part 2
Section B – 17-Risk, Uncertainty and Expected Value
Section B – 18-Top Level Planning
Section C – 01-Variance Introduction
Section C – 02-Direct Material Variance
Section C – 03-Direct Labor Variances
Section C – 04-Multiple Input Classes
Section C – 05-Multiple Input Classes Examples
Section C – 06-Factory Overhead Variances
Section C – 07-Fixed Overhead Example
Section C – 08-Sales Variances
Section C – 09-Sales Variance Examples
Section C – 10-Market Variances and Service Companies
Section C – 11-Responsibility Centers
Section C – 12-Contribution Income Statement
Section C – 13-Transfer Pricing
Section C – 14-ROI and RI
Section C – 15-Multiple Performance Measures
Section D – 01-Costs
Section D – 02-Flow of Costs
Section D – 03-Costing Systems
Section D – 04-Overhead Allocation
Section D – 05-Process Costing Introduction
Section D – 06-Process Costing Steps 1-4
Section D – 07-Process Costing Step 4
Section D – 08-Process Costing Step 5-7 with Example
Section D – 09-Process Costing Spoilage
Section D – 10-Job Order and Operation Costing
Section D – 11-Activity Based Costing
Section D – 12-Life-Cycle and Customer Life-Cycle Costing
Section D – 13-Joint Products Costing
Section D – 14-Joint and By-Products Costing
Section D – 15-Variable and Absorption Costing
Section D – 16-Single Service Department
Section D – 17-Multiple Service Departments
Section D – 18-Supply Chain Management
Section D – 19-JIT and MRP
Section D – 20-Theory of Constraints
Section D – 21-Value Chain
Section D – 22-Process Analysis
Section D – 23-Quality
Section D – 24-Accounting Process Redesign
Section E – 01-Governance Principles
Section E – 02-Hierarchy of Corporate Governance
Section E – 03-Internal Controls Introduction
Section E – 04-Components of Internal Controls
Section E – 05-Objectives and Segregation of Duties
Section E – 06-Legislative Initiatives
Section E – 07-Internal Auditing
Section E – 08-Systems Control and Security Part 1
Section E – 09-Systems Control and Security Part 2
Section E – 10-Systems Control and Security Part 3

Part 2 Video List (34 hours)

Section A – 01-Introduction
Section A – 02-Basic and Comparative Financial Statement Analysis
Section A – 03-Liquidity Ratios
Section A – 04-Leverage Ratios Part 1
Section A – 05-Leverage Ratios Part 2
Section A – 06-Activity Ratios
Section A – 07-Profitability Ratios
Section A – 08-Market Ratios
Section A – 09-EPS
Section A – 10-Diluted EPS Part 1
Section A – 11-Diluted EPS Part 2
Section A – 12-Profitability Analysis
Section A – 13-Limitations of Ratio Analysis
Section A – 14-Foreign Currency Transactions
Section A – 15-Foreign Subsidiaries Part 1
Section A – 16-Foreign Subsidiaries Part 2
Section A – 17-Foreign Subsidiaries Part 3
Section A – 18-Inflation and Off-BS Financing
Section A – 19-Accounting Changes
Section A – 20-Fair Value and Economic Profit
Section A – 21-Earnings Quality
Section B – 01-Risk and Return
Section B – 02-CAPM Part 1
Section B – 03-CAPM Part 2
Section B – 04-Portfolios
Section B – 05-Capital Structure and Intro to Bonds
Section B – 06-Bond Yield Curves
Section B – 07-The Bond Instrument
Section B – 08-Selling Price of a Bond
Section B – 09-Bond YTM and Duration
Section B – 10-Equity – Shares
Section B – 11-Equity – Share Pricing
Section B – 12-Equity – Share Pricing Part 2
Section B – 13-Additional Equity Items
Section B – 14-Forward and Futures Contracts
Section B – 15-Interest Rate Swaps
Section B – 16-Options Part 1
Section B – 17-Options Part 2
Section B – 18-Cost of Debt and Preferred Stock
Section B – 19-Cost of Common Equity
Section B – 20-Financial Markets
Section B – 21-Market Efficiency
Section B – 22-Raising Capital
Section B – 23-Dividends
Section B – 24-Lease Financing
Section B – 25-Working Capital Management Introduction
Section B – 26-Cash Management
Section B – 27-Cash and Marketable Securities Management
Section B – 28-Accounts Receivable Management
Section B – 29-Inventory Management
Section B – 30-Short-term Financing
Section B – 31-Factoring Receivables
Section B – 32-Business Combinations and Takeover Defenses
Section B – 33-Corporate Divestiture and Bankrupcy
Section B – 34-Valuing a Business
Section B – 35-Direct Foreign Investment
Section B – 36-Foreign Exchange Market
Section B – 37-Exchange Rates
Section B – 38-Financing International Trade and Transfer Pricing
Section C – 01-Introduction and Contribution
Section C – 02-Calculating Breakeven Point
Section C – 03-Calculating Profit Point
Section C – 04-Multiple Products
Section C – 05-Changing Product Mix
Section C – 06-Decision Making Intro and Terms
Section C – 07-Make-or-Buy Decisions
Section C – 08-Special Order Decisions
Section C – 09-Sell or Process Further Decisions
Section C – 10-Disinvestment Decisions
Section C – 11-Pricing and Market Structure
Section C – 12-Demand
Section C – 13-Supply, Equilibrium and Setting Price
Section C – 14-Pricing Strategy Part 1
Section C – 15-Pricing Strategy Part 2
Section C – 16-Product Life Cycle
Section C – 17-Other Pricing Issues
Section D – 01-Risk Management Part 1
Section D – 02-Risk Management Part 2
Section D – 03-ERM Part 1
Section D – 04-ERM Part 2
Section E – 01-Cashflows Part 1
Section E – 02-Cashflows Part 2
Section E – 03-Payback Method
Section E – 04-NPV
Section E – 05-Internal Rate-of-Return
Section E – 06-Inflation
Section E – 07-Risk in Capital Budgeting
Section E – 08-Real Options
Section F – 01-Individual Ethics Part 1
Section F – 02-Individual Ethics Part 2
Section F – 03-Organizational Ethics Part 1
Section F – 04-Organizational Ethics Part 2

ExamSuccess Multiple-Choice Questions

ExamSuccess provides multiple-choice questions that test your knowledge of the concepts covered on the exam and includes two modes:

1) Study Sessions are not timed and provide you with feedback about each answer as you answer each question and at the end of your study session.

2) Exam Simulation Sessions are timed so that you can practice your time management and provide feedback only after the exam simulation has been completed.

Answer explanations are provided for both correct and incorrect answer choices in both types of sessions and your performance is tracked for each topic so that you can highlight any weak areas.

ExamSuccess is available for Windows and Mac computers and does not require Internet access after the initial registration, and in an online version that can be used on any Internet-connected device – any computer, any tablet, or any Smartphone.

As of November 2016, the number of questions in ExamSuccess is 1,420 for Part 1 and 1,118 for Part 2.

Essay Questions

While preparing for the CMA exams, you will use written-response essay questions in the same style and format as the current exam questions. Detailed answers are included for each question.

Essay Videos with Brian Hock

Brian Hock walks you step-by-step through retired CMA exam essay questions and shows you how to answer them.

Electronic Flash Cards

The Electronic Flash Cards are a popular study tool that provide an interactive flash card experience by intelligently scheduling cards based on how well you already know the content of each card. Rather than simply acting like a big stack of flash cards in a digital pile, Anki gradually introduces new cards and provides an effective, efficient way to study without causing information overload. By mixing new cards and old cards at regular intervals, learning and retention are maximized. The Manufacturing Input Variances flash cards sample (requires Anki) gives you a sample of the flash cards that you can try.

As of March 2016, there are 691 flash cards for Part 1 and 563 for Part 2.

Mock Exam

The mock exam with new questions not used elsewhere in the study materials provides a measure for your exam readiness and is a solid review before taking the real exam.

Personalized Study Plan

The Study Plan guides you through what to focus on during the different weeks of study for each exam, but you can adapt it to fit your individual schedule using our online Personalized Study Plan. By selecting a date to begin studying and a target exam date, a Personalized Study Plan will automatically adjust the standard Plans to your schedule.

Fundamentals e-Book

The CMA exam contains a list of topics that are considered fundamental background knowledge, including economics, statistics and financial accounting. Because not all candidates have this background, we developed a CMA Fundamentals e-Book covering these topics. The CMA Fundamentals e-Book is available as an electronic download only (PDF). Download the CMA Fundamentals e-Book Table of Contents.

CMA Textbooks

Download Part 1 Textbook Sample Download Part 2 Textbook Sample Download CMA Textbooks’ Tables of Contents

CMA Questions

ExamSuccess, our multiple-choice question software, can be downloaded and used offline on Windows and Mac computers. The questions in the trial cover Manufacturing Input Variances.

Download for WindowsDownload for Mac
ExamSuccess Online can be used on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Trial Quiz 1
(Manufacturing Input Variances – Direct Materials)
Trial Quiz 2
(Manufacturing Input Variances – Overhead)

Samples of the flash cards are available on our CMA Samples page.

CMA Videos

If the sample videos won’t play, please see Tips for Playing HOCK Videos for common fixes.

Samples of the downloadable audio mp3s are available on our CMA Samples page.

Payment Methods

We can accept payment by credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or JCB), PayPal, or Bank Transfer.

If you pay by credit/debit card or PayPal, your materials will be available immediately after purchase in My Studies.

When paying by bank transfer, access to your materials will be provided after we receive payment. Our bank details for the transfer are provided with your order confirmation.

Refund Policy

Due to the digital distribution of our products, we are not able to offer refunds on electronic materials after they have been accessed or downloaded. We provide substantive samples for all of our exam preparation products and encourage you to review them in full before making a purchase. If you have any questions, please contact us before buying.

Electronic materials that have not been accessed may be refunded within 30 days of purchase. Hard copy textbooks may be returned in new condition within 7 days of receipt.


Shipping is required only for orders that include hard copy textbooks; all other materials are accessed electronically via our web site and do not require shipping. Shipping via USPS is free in the United States, and we ship internationally via DHLview international shipping rates.

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