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CMA Samples / Trial

Try the HOCK CMA Exam Prep materials for free! We offer free samples of the textbooks, flash cards, ExamSuccess questions, and videos, without requiring you to register or create an account.

1) CMA Textbooks

Download Part 1 Textbook Sample Download Part 2 Textbook Sample Download CMA Textbooks’ Tables of Contents


2) CMA Questions (ExamSuccess)

ExamSuccess, our multiple-choice question software, can be downloaded and used offline on Windows and Mac computers. The questions in the trial cover Manufacturing Input Variances.

Download for WindowsDownload for Mac
ExamSuccess Online can be used on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

ExamSuccess Online Trial Quiz 1
(Manufacturing Input Variances – Direct Materials)

ExamSuccess Online Trial Quiz 2
(Manufacturing Input Variances – Overhead)


3) CMA Flash Cards

The Flash Cards use Anki, a program designed to provide an interactive flash card experience by intelligently scheduling cards based on how well you already know the content of each card.

To use the Anki electronic flash cards on a computer:

  1. Download Anki Instructions
  2. Download Anki Application
  3. Download Manufacturing Input Variances Anki Deck File
  4. Open the Anki Deck File to load the flash cards

Please consult the instructions file for how to use the flash cards on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

4) CMA Videos (Streaming)

Compatible with computers and most popular tablets and smartphones, you can take the HOCK Videos with you anywhere that you have Internet access. If the videos are not playing, please see Tips for Playing HOCK Videos for common fixes.


5) CMA Audios (mp3)

Our students frequently use the audio mp3s on their Smartphone or other portable player to study in the car, while jogging, on an airplane, etc.

Download CMA Part 1 – Section C – Multiple Input Classes
Download CMA Part 2 – Section E – Cash Flows Part 2

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